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Rahul Gandhi urges Haryana youth to join politics, change way nation is run

Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has called on students of various educational institutes in Hisar, Kurukshetra and Karnal districts of Haryana to join politics.

'I urge today's youth to join Indian politics. If they want to bring a change in the society or to clean the system, then they have to take the initiative. We have to make full use of youth power in the overall development of the country,' he said, while interacting with students at the National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) in Karnal.

Highlighting the immense potential of Indian youth, he said: "I feel that if we are actually going to change politics here, we need your help. We are not going to be able to do it with the same group of people. And, we need to increase the rate at which youngsters like you are coming into this system."

Interacting with students in Kurukshetra, Gandhi accepted that there were several anomalies in the political system and revealed that it was his anger with the state of affairs in the nation that motivated him to bring about change.

"In the past, even I used to feel extremely angry when I used to see the state of affairs in the Indian political system. I used to be angry and upset at the rampant corruption in our system," he said.

He also interacted with students of the Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar.

Congress MP and Union Minister Prithivi Raj Chauhan was also present.

*Youth Creating Change of Ghana (YCC) is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicating to enhance the lives of young people and encouraging the active exchange of ideas, attitude, feelings and participating in leadership roles in their communities, volunteering and community development projects and programs. YCC is currently operating in 10 communities in Ghana, West Africa…….



Youth brigade gets cash reward; coaches feel left out

India’s youth brigade, which bagged eight medals including six silver at the recently concluded Olympic Youth Games in Singapore, was felicitated by the Indian Olympic Association in the Capital on Saturday. At a ceremony held in the IOA Bhawan, it was announced that the medal-winners will be given

cash rewards of Rs 4 lakhs and Rs 2 lakh each for silver and bronze respectively. Though India stood 58th among 84 nations, its haul of medals is considered by many as a sign of greater things to come. For Arjun, who bagged silver in discus throw, the reward was a pleasant surprise and a motivation to perform better in the future. “I had trained hard before the tournament. Even though it was a good exposure for all of us, I personally was gunning for gold. The silver though means I will have to work harder,” he said.
IOA president, Suresh Kalmadi, and secretary-general, Randhir Singh, who were present on the occasion shared words of encouragement with the young stars. “It’s heartening to see the performance at the Youth Olympics. The sporting future of the country looks bright. We will ensure these athletes get proper training and facilities so that they can keep improving,” said Kalmadi.

If the athletes were laughing their way to the bank, the coaches and support staff were left high and dry. Indian shooters, for instance, gave a commendable performance, despite the fact that only homebred coaches accompanied them to the gala event. Unlike the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups, no foreign coach was around. Yet the trio of Navdeep (8th in men’s air rifle), Ruchi Singh (6th in air pistol) and Neha Sapte (5th in women’s air rifle) made it to the final.

Disappointingly, the IOA and the sponsors failed to recognise the hard work of the coaches, ignoring them for the cash awards.


**We're going to take land back, Malema warns

ANCYL chief urges end to constitutional clause to do away with price negotiations in expropriation**

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema wants the constitution to be changed to enable the government to expropriate private land without entering into price negotiations with owners.

Speaking at the end of the league's national general council on Friday, Malema called for the amendment of the property clause of the constitution to allow for speedy redistribution of land to previously disadvantaged people. "We are going to take (the) land back," he said.

"We will compensate, and that compensation will be determined by the state and not the owner," he said.

He said Section 25 of the constitution had the potential to prevent government intervention to drive redistribution of wealth to the people.

Malema said the ruling party should show courage and stop trying to appease opposition parties by not amending the clause.

"The ANC must not be afraid . and permanently assure ugly (DA leader) Helen Zille that it will not amend the constitution," he said.

Malema said that if a person had a 700ha of land and the government offered to buy it for R1-million, "you don't have an option but to take that R1-million because that is what the state can afford".

"And refusing to take that million means we will take the land without paying you," he warned.

Malema said the decision to take land back was taken by men and women in the youth league who were strong. "We don't need compromised individuals. If you are compromised, take a back seat.

"We need women and men who can say to white monopoly capital we are taking over, we are redistributing," he said.

Malema said the willing buyer, willing seller principle was not working, and that it benefited those with money leading to land being owned by wealthy foreigners.

The youth league would push for the constitutional amendment and nationalisation of mines at the ANC's national general council next month in Durban, he said.

The organisation also wants the ANC to nullify the disciplinary action that was taken against Malema for defying President Jacob Zuma's instructions recently.

League spokesman Floyd Shivambu said the charges were not supposed to have been brought against Malema in the first place.

"All charges were dropped, and (he) was found guilty for comparing President Jacob Zuma to former president Thabo Mbeki. We always compare, and there is nothing strange about that," Shivambu said.

Malema instructed the delegates to go back to ANC branches and canvass the league's decisions. He said this would help to push its decisions at ANC national general council.

"At ANC NGC we need to constitute 70% of the delegation. We must be the majority," Malema said.


Handball Betting: Danes take Gold in Youth Olympic Games

Who was top of the handball court at the Singapore Youth Olympic Games? Unfortunately the Singapore men’s team were not on the top side, losing to Brazil 53-7.

The Singapore team is still in its infancy and the hosts’ lax defence and lack of accuracy ensured that match went almost completely to the handball betting Brazilians.

Egypt had a similar time with Singapore, taking the host nation down 50-7 in the opening match. It is very apparent that although Singapore is an enthusiastic host, they do have to sharpen some of their skills, especially on the handball betting court.

Singapore did eventually have success against the Cook Islands, winning 59-38. They had finally learned a thing or two from their previous defeats, and improved their shot accuracy to 80%. Handball betting fans will still likely choose their opponent, but it is

Monica Najdovski and Madison Truesdale were successful in scoring for the women’s Australian team, but in the end were no match for number one handball odds ranked Denmark. Denmark went on to win the gold in handball.

Odds were on them for the entire games, but it was good effort by all.

There was something to be said regardless of the handball betting at the finish of the Youth Olympic Games; “Congratulations Singapore for a job superbly done. You rose brilliantly to the challenge of combining elite sport, education and culture,” Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee said. “Athletes, you proved you have learned what it means to be a true champion and not just a winner.”

Rogge also shared a secret to succeeding in life; “Find a balance between sport, school, family and friends. Ask yourself ‘How do I get there?’ and work in a very ethical way.”

“There is much more than sports, there is school, friends and family. The only way is work, work, work. In a way, it’s a sacrifice,” said Rogge. But when the athletes finished their sporting careers, they could look back as happy people, “because you did what was important to you”.

“Sport is a great educational tool for an individual. It gives a strong body and a strong mind. If you work hard, show discipline and respect to referees, it gives you health.”

“You play an important role in keeping alive the flame and the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games when you are back in your country (region). Tell your comrades what you have experienced, what you have done, what you have watched and loved.”


Indian youth charged for arranging parents' murder

An Indian-origin teenager has been charged with arranging the murder of his parents in the small of Standerton. The close-knit Muslim community of Standerton shocked after 18-year-old Zahid Makda appeared in court for arranging the murder of his 43-year-old father Hanif Makda and 37-year-old mother

Fatima with the help of his two classmates.
Makda, who had become a Hafiz (one who has memorised the entire Quran by heart) and a role model to his classmates, allegedly paid two of them, aged 20 and 22, 1,000 Rands to kill his parents.

The bodies of his parents were found in their bedroom in pools of blood after they were bludgeoned to death.

The duo fled in the family car. While they were on the run, one of them died after the vehicle met an accident and the other later in hospital but not before disclosing that Makda had paid them and promised them another 250,000 Rands after insurance policies on his parents' life were paid out.

Police had found bloodstained knives in the vehicle.

The Makda family had originally come from India.

Hanif ran a general store while the mother supported the family with her home industries.

Two other children, aged nine and 12, were being taken care of by a shocked neighbour, Fawzia Sarang, who was struggling to come to terms with the incident.

She described the family as a loving one with no signs of any tensions between them and the accused son.

The incident was considered even more serious by local Muslims because it occurred during the holy month of Ramadan.

It brought back memories of the murder of plastic surgeon Anwar Kadwa and his wife Munira, who were found shot dead in their luxurious home in Johannesburg on the first day of Ramadan in 2005.

The surgeons, Riaz, changed his version of the incident several times alleging that burglars had killed them.

He is now serving a jail term after he was found guilty when his sister Nabila testified against him.


UK youth justice system treats ethnic groups differently

A research has shown that the British youth justice system treats black and mixed-race youths differently, and at times, they are over-represented in the system, suggesting that they are being looked at differently.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the research team looked at police stop-and-search records in four police areas, analyzed more than 18,000 case decisions in Youth Offending Teams (YOT), and observed and conducted interviews with police and young people.

The team found markedly different styles of policing in the four areas: in some, the police were highly proactive; in others, they spent more of their efforts reacting to matters drawn to their attention by victims and witnesses.

Researchers found great differences in the way the police carried out proactive policing of young people: some were highly personal and adversarial; others more professional, with clear leadership and standards of behaviour.

The adversarial style was particularly prominent in inner-city areas, where the relationship between the police and young black people was shaped by a history of friction, and resulted in proportionately more arrests of black and mixed race youths.

Elsewhere, the more professional approach resulted in fewer arrests of black and mixed race youths and improved relationships with their community.

The research found that once young people had entered the youth justice system the patterns of over- and under-representation remained. However, there was also evidence of possible discrimination against ethnic minorities at some points in the system. For example:

Mixed race suspects were more likely to be sent to court than given a police disposal; Black and mixed race defendants were more likely to be remanded in custody prior to their hearing date;

Black defendants had a higher chance of being acquitted than white ones, suggesting that different standards of evidence may be applied to cases involving different groups of defendants;

Mixed race teenagers were more likely than others to be given a (more serious) community sentence than a (less onerous) first tier penalty or referral order.

These differences in the treatment of different ethnic groups could not be accounted for by the severity of the crimes or the defendant's criminal history, indicating possible discrimination.

However, taking into account the nature of the offence and the offender's criminal history, the study did not find any evidence that different ethnic groups faced different risks of getting custodial sentences.

Principal Investigator, Professor Mike Hough, said: "Police leaders need to promote a style of policing where policing is done according to due process, treating not only victims and witnesses but also suspects with fairness and respect, and using coercive force only as a last resort. This approach is needed most in the poorest communities, where relations between police and local people are often strained."

Based on the findings the researchers have made a range of recommendations for practitioners, policy makers and further research. (ANI)


Broke youth anti-crime groups want federal cash

LOS ANGELES — A $1.6 billion congressional bailout of sorts could help financially flailing groups that fight to keep young people out of trouble, yet lawmakers are reluctant to take up the expensive proposal amid a sour economy and other, more pressing issues.
The Youth Promise Act would dole out money to organizations like Homeboy Industries, a gang rehabilitation center founded in 2001 under the motto "Nothing stops a bullet like a job." The group's founder Father Greg Boyle recently had to lay off more than 300 of his 427 workers, most of them former gang members, when expected revenues plummeted.
His organization isn't the only one suffering. The recession has hit other nonprofits across the country hard and left some wondering how they will survive.
"It would be a lifeline for us and a lifeline for many other organizations," Omar Jahwar, founder of and chief executive of Dallas-based Vision Regeneration, said of the Youth Promise Act. His group works to prevent youth violence in Dallas County.
Rep. Bobby Scott, D-Va., who authored the bill, said the tough-on-crime rhetoric that politicians campaign on has proven ineffective. He faulted slogan-driven crime initiatives, such as the "three strikes and you're out" law, which create lengthy and expensive sentencing requirements.
Scott's bill currently has 235 co-sponsors in the U.S. House but only 14 in the Senate. Scott does not know if it will get approved this session, in part because it is also competing with another crime bill he opposes, proposed by Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif. That bill would create a string of new criminal offenses and enhanced penalties for gang members.
Scott and Feinstein are negotiating over whether the bills could be combined.
But another bailout bill will be a tough sell, especially among Republicans.
"We cannot afford to throw more money toward another expensive government program at a time when our citizens are burdened with higher and higher federal debt," said Tracy Hancock, president of Texas-based Golden Corridor Republican Women.
But for Scott, the cost pales in comparison to how much is already spent on punishing young criminals.
In Los Angeles County, it costs $140,000 a year to keep a minor in juvenile hall.
"It's totally counterproductive," Scott said. "If you put a small portion of that money into prevention and early intervention, you would have a much better result."
The Youth Promise Act would distribute money to organizations that form a panel and can show their programs are effective. A city official would be on the panel along with law enforcement agencies, which would also be eligible for funding of their own crime prevention and gang intervention programs.
David Muhlhausen, a senior policy analyst with conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, said youth crime prevention should be left to state and local governments.
A central provision of the bill is that the programs getting funding must be replicated from programs that have been proven to work.
"These programs almost always fail when replicated in other jurisdictions," Muhlhausen said.
Rick Velasquez, executive director of Youth Outreach Services in Chicago, said his nonprofit has seen revenues decline by about 15 percent and he's had to cut 15 workers from the payroll. He has encouraged one of his senators to support the Youth Promise Act.
"It is a piece of legislation that will help us," said Velasquez, whose group provides counseling to at-risk young people. "We have to seriously reinvest in our young people and this one of the mechanisms to do that."
At Homeboy Industries, Boyle employs former gang members to work in the center's bakery, restaurant or T-shirt press. However, workers in these businesses were largely insulated from recent cuts.
Most of those laid off were getting paid simply to attend training and carry out maintenance and administrative work at the center's downtown headquarters.
For many, it was the only place hiring.
"I never got a call back," said former gang member Robert Trejo, reflecting on his dozens of attempts to get hired elsewhere.
He was fired as a receptionist in May. After applying without success to 50 jobs, the 23-year-old father of three was left wondering if he had any choice but to return to the street.
"I think I will probably go back to the life, it's the only thing I know," Trejo said. "It's so easy making money. I can make $15-$500 in an hour or two (selling drugs) or robbing."
Trejo was eventually rehired, thanks to a flurry of donations after Boyle carried out a publicity blitz, but how many workers Homeboy can hire back without the Youth Promise money remains in question.
"We can't just rail at the fact that they are in a gang," Boyle said. "We have to also offer them an opportunity to get off this crazy freeway, and that is the part the Youth Promise Act hopes to put out there."


Rahul Gandhi to launch youth campaign in west bengal
Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi will launch a massive membership drive for the youth wing of the party in West Bengal on 6 September, ahead of the state election scheduled for next year.

Gandhi is trying to revive the Congress in a state where its presence is much diminished and his task is further complicated by the political polarization there, say analysts.

The lack of an effective West Bengal leadership and the absence of the party from any debate regarding the state’s issues in the past decade will also be hurdles for Gandhi, seen as a future prime ministerial candidate.

Gandhi, general secretary in charge of the youth and students’ wings of the party, has been touring the country on a membership campaign. He has sent 42 legislators from different states to West Bengal to power the membership drive, response to which has been good, according to party leaders working there.

The leader will address young people on Monday at the Shahid Minar grounds in Kolkata and will again tour the state’s districts later in the month. The Youth Congress has already organized 13 public rallies, which were addressed by various central ministers in the last 50 days.

“From the time we have begun the ground work for the membership drive, the response has been good. The youth are really enthusiastic here,” said Vijay Inder Singla, a Congress Lok Sabha member from Punjab who’s in charge of Youth Congress elections in the state.

Political analysts, however, say efforts to revive the party just ahead of the state elections may be too little, too late.

“It will not work in West Bengal, because it’s a highly polarized state. The Congress has been replaced by the Trinamool Congress (in the fight) against the Left parties. Congress does not seem to have any chances in the immediate future,” said Subrato Mukherjee, professor, department of political science, Delhi University.

Mukherjee pointed out that the Congress had lost its relevance as an opposition or an alternative party as it was acting as a “B-team” of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM).

Two veteran party leaders from the state—Mukherjee and Priyaranjan Dasmunsi—are not likely to be active during the elections. While Mukherjee has declared he will retire from active politics after his current term is over, Dasmunsi has been seriously ill for almost two years.

Congress last ruled the state from 1972 to 1977. The departure of Mamata Banerjee, currently a coalition ally, from the party in 1998 meant that it lost a promising leader. Banerjee, railway minister in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, left the party and formed the TMC. Most of the prominent Congress leaders of the time joined the TMC, which joined the UPA just ahead of the 2009 general election. The Banerjee-led party has 19 seats in the Lok Sabha. Congress has just six MPs from the state.

The Congress failed to reach an understanding with the TMC in the June civic elections in which Banerjee’s party won 95 of the 141 wards of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, leaving just 10 for the Congress and 33 for the CPM.

Kamal Mitra Chenoy, professor at the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, was of the view that “it makes good sense” that the young Gandhi makes efforts to gain ground in West Bengal. “But he cannot speak Bangla and also people will ask where was he when the people were agitating against the state government in Singur and Nandigram (where massive agitations led by TMC against land acquisition policies took place),” he pointed out.


__People backing Rahul must learn from DUSU results: BJP__

New Delhi: In an obvious reference to Rahul Gandhi, BJP on Sunday said the NSUI's defeat in DUSU polls indicates the country's youth does not accept leaders who "visit Dalit villages wearing Reebok shoes".

A day after party-backed ABVP candidates romped home in the Delhi University Students Union polls trouncing Congress-affiliated NSUI candidates, the BJP termed it as "the defeat of five-star politics".

"Those who were trying to make him (Rahul) a great youth leader should learn from DUSU results," BJP spokesman Tarun Vijay told reporters here.

While ABVP won three seats in the polls, NSUI could retain only one seat.

"Today's youth have rejected those type of leader who come in a helicopter and visit Dalit villages wearing Reebok shoes," Vijay said apparently referring to Rahul.

"DUSU results are a clear indication that youth do not accept such leader," he said. Congratulating the ABVP for its spectacular victory, he said youths are inspired by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda and Bhagat Singh and they have rejected the five-star culture."


Scrutiny concerns over youth court alternatives

The Liberals want to know why Tasmania was excluded from a national report into measures used to keep young people out of the courts.

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) report found youth restorative justice measures around the country are not having the intended effect and are being used instead of warnings and cautions.

It also found that a higher proportion of indigenous youth are being sent to court than to diversionary conferences.

But Tasmanian data was not provided to the Institute for the report.

Shadow Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin says the government needs to explain why.

"They need to explain why the data wasn't available to the AIC, why it isn't publicly available and why they didn't provide it to the AIC when requested," she said.

"It should have been provided to the AIC so that we have a full picture of what's happening around Australia in the area of restorative justice for juveniles."

Ms Goodwin says ongoing scrutiny is vital.

"Having worked in the police department and having a background in criminology, I do believe in the importance of diverting juveniles away from the criminal justice system wherever possible," she said.

"I do think it's an effective measure for some, but we do need to keep evaluating it on an ongoing basis to make sure that it is achieving the goals that we want it to."

But the Minister for Children Lin Thorp says Tasmania did not have the data required for the report.

"The reason was simply technological, in that the police and the courts both refer to our diversionary process and the data's not collected together," she said.

"But I had a meeting with the Assistant Commissioner this morning and have asked him to explore ways so we can contribute into the future."


Join politics, Rahul Gandhi urges youth


Pune, Sep 7 (IANS) Rahul Gandhi, charismatic general secretary of the Congress party, fervently attempted to ’sell’ politics to over 3,500 students and youth - the leaders of tomorrow - during his daylong whirlwind tour of Maharashtra Tuesday.
Gandhi interacted with students and youth in different age groups - ranging from high school to junior college, and post-graduates in medicine and management, in Akola, Aurangabad and Pune.

Around 1,200 students from 20 educational institutions were invited and handed over special passes for the much-anticipated event and, according to most students, Gandhi did not disappoint.

Among the topics he touched upon at all the three venues (Akola, Aurangabad and Pune) - and sought students’ views on - were politics, education, agriculture and corruption, a party official said.

Engaging in an animated discussion with the students in Pune, the Gandhi scion admitted that his Gandhi surname was a definite advantage, but that should not deter others from joining politics.

Asked why he chose to join politics, he said that while the family lineage was a decisive factor, he felt that politics was the biggest instrument of change - “So I am in politics,” he smiled at a student who posed the query.

Urging students to join politics, Rahul Gandhi said that youth must come forward and take the plunge into politics.

“Good people must join politics, they can help bring about many positive changes and also help remove corruption,” he pointed out.

Touching upon the issue of the rich-versus-poor divide, Rahul Gandhi said that education can help reduce this gap and it is the most effective tool for improving the life of the people.

“All the meetings were informal, the mood casual and the response of the students was very enthusiastic,” the party office-bearer told IANS.

As per Gandhi’s express instructions, politicians and mediapersons were kept off bounds - barring Pune where only television cameramen were allowed for the final 10 minutes of his programme at the R.M. Auditorium in Chinchwad, on the outskirts of the city.

Earlier, in New Aurangabad’s CIDCO Auditorium Rahul made a similar impassioned plea to the assembled 1,300 students and youth from 25 colleges, urging them to join politics for the national cause and to practice democracy in a real sence.

He replied to questions ranging from: How can youth make a difference in nation-building? What is your blueprint for the country’s development? What is the solution to burning issues like corruption, communalism and casteism plaguing the country?

And there was a sharp one - “Will you lead in the next Lok Sabha elections?”

Unfazed, Gandhi fielded all the questions effortlessly and ended up leaving the young gathering in the three cities impressed.

After the 75-minute interaction in Pune, students told mediapersons that “Rahul is prime minister material,” “he is earnest in his desire to bring about change,” “he appears very sincere, but did not offer any concrete solutions to the major problems confronting the nation…”

The organizers had carefully selected the three cities for his itinerary, with the National Students Union of India (NSUI) elections slated next month.

While at Akola he met around 500 students of the Panjabrao Deshmukh University from a pre-dominantly rural setting in the Vidarbha region plagued by farmland suicides, in Pune, the education and IT capital of the state, he interacted with an urbane milieu.

In the historic city of Aurangabad, which falls mid way, there was a big sprinkling of Muslims among the audience.

Party office-bearers say that Gandhi’s interactions with the youth and students were aimed at attracting them to the NSUI, the student wing of the Congress party.

The NSUI is scheduled to hold internal elections and through his meetings, Rahul Gandhi was seen as offering students the option of joining politics through the party’s student wing.



Chappals not allowed at Rahul's youth interaction

With hurling of footwear as a sign of protest against politicians becoming a trend, students wearing chappals were denied entry for an interaction with Rahul Gandhi at a local college on Tuesday. Securitymen and officials turned away chappal-wearing students wanting to take part

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Rahul Gandhi on Maharashtra visit today
in the interaction at Panjabrao Krushi Vidyapeeth at the main gate itself by way of precaution, sources said.
The Congress general secretary was on a day-long visit to Maharashatra as part of his country-wide tour for connecting with students and youth.

Authorities later however allowed entry of students wearing chappals but by that time a number of them had returned.

The media was strictly barred from entry into the auditorium. Scores of print and visual media correspondents who rushed to Akola from Nagpur to catch up with Rahul on his first stop of the state tour, had to spend hours standing on the street and rely on the versions of the students and faculty who trooped out after the event.

Even the government publicity department staff was not allowed inside. Strangely, the next two events of the day — NSUI meetings at Aurangabad and Pune — did not have such restrictions on media presence.

Interestingly, even bigwig politicians met the same fate as they were also stranded outside and had no entry into the hall.

During the interaction, Rahul asked youth to join politics in greater numbers.

"If you are interested in politics you can join. We need younger generation to lead people," he said.

Rahul at his interaction with about 400 students faced a volley of questions ranging from farmers suicides in Vidarbha to the need for a separate Union Budget for Agriculture like Railways.


Youth gets three years for bashing

A Perth teenager who participated in a savage pack beating that left a man with severe brain injuries has been sentenced to three years in detention.

The teenager, whose name has been suppressed by the Perth District Court, was sentenced on Thursday for the bashing of Matthew Double.

Justice Allan Fenbury said the injury suffered by Mr Double was "of such a nature that it both endangered his life and caused permanent injury to his health".

The court heard that on August 2, 2009 two parties were being held at Gosnells, in Perth's south.

One was a 30th birthday party attended by the victim and by predominantly Caucasian people.

The second party was attended by the 15-year-old offender and mostly young Aboriginal people.

Some time after midnight, the second party finished and a group of youths began walking towards the train station.

They were confronted by a neighbour's two large Rottweiler dogs whose owner was described by the judge as "irresponsible" for leaving them unrestrained as they gave chase to the youths.

A young man sought safety by getting onto the back of a car parked outside the 30th birthday party, which alarmed the guests.

Some guests confronted the young man and did not believe his story about the dogs, which led to racial slurs as well as rocks and concrete paving fragments to be thrown around.

The Caucasian males then followed the youths to a nearby park to have a "one on one" fight.

Justice Fenbury said Mr Double somehow became isolated and was attacked by about six youths.

"Whilst lying on the grass, posing no threat, helpless and defenceless, Mr Double was kicked and stomped repeatedly," the judge said.

Justice Fenbury said a large rock was repeatedly thrown down on Mr Double who was also repeatedly struck with a lengthy metal pipe.

Mr Double suffered six skull fractures, a broken jaw and nose.

He underwent emergency surgery and five days later underwent further treatment because of brain swelling.

Mr Double is still in a confused state and not always aware of his surroundings.

"He can now communicate at a simple level (but) he has obvious and significant intellectual impairment (and) he still is not walking by himself," Justice Fenbury said.

Evidence given by a medical expert during the trial revealed it was unlikely that Mr Double would ever live independently.

"(You) actively participated in a very brutal, cowardly, sustained piece of gratuitous violence," Justice Fenbury told the offender.

He said he did not think the offender showed any remorse and did not assist police with their investigations.

Justice Fenbury said his heart went out to the offender's mother "who must feel utterly devastated" that her son, who has no criminal history, must now have his liberty taken away.

The offender was given three years in detention and could be released after serving half the term.


Road accidents 'drain SA of youth'

Johannesburg - The pain felt by parents after losing children in road accidents reflects the anguish of a nation busy "eating" its most productive and energetic people, Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele said on Friday.

"This Wednesday alone 21 people were killed in minibus taxi-related road crashes," Ndebele said at the National Traffic Safety Summit in Boksburg, Johannesburg.

He said the deaths of 10 children in a Blackheath, near Cape Town, last month, when a train struck a minibus at a level crossing, was a tragedy.

"In developed countries, the death of 10 people in a single accident is a national tragedy. When those who are killed are children and youth it is that much more painful."

Road accidents did not happen, they were caused.

"Road deaths can be st, they are preventable deaths."

It was the duty of all South African to ensure safety on the roads everyone.

"Accident victims are in urban and rural areas, they are in townships and in suburbs."


Delay in package has disappointed youth, says Omar

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday said the delay in announcing the package for the valley had caused "disappointment" among the youth, who again took to the streets on the day of Eid. However, Abdullah said that was not the only factor responsible for "what happened today".

The protesting youth on Saturday set on fire some public properties including the crime branch office and a police post at the Hazratbal shrine in Srinagar.

"This sort of violence is a setback for starting a political process … I was in Delhi to push that political process and try and get the concessions for the Armed Forces Special Powers Act," he said.

The chief minister said the state government had allowed a march to Lal Chowk (in the central part of Srinagar) after an assurance from moderate separatists such as Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader Yasin Malik that the protests would be peaceful.

"They did not speak to me but a close confidant of the Mirwaiz called my office, seeking permission for the march. They said they'd proceed towards Lal Chowk, do half an hour of sit-in and then leave. I allowed the march, they were not stopped anywhere, but what was the result!" said the chief minister.

However, the Mirwaiz denied this. "All this is baseless. Nobody called the chief minister or his office. When I announced the march, even my own political colleagues did not know I would do that."


J&K Minister's house attacked, two injured in police firing

A youth was critically wounded on Sunday as security forces fired at protesters who attacked the house of a Minister in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district, defying the curfew imposed after Saturday’s widespread violence.

Clashes between curfew-defying mobs and security forces also occurred in various areas of Srinagar as well as Baramulla and Sopore towns. Two people were injured critically while 12 others, including eight security men and four protesters, sustained minor injuries in the violence.

Meanwhile, a man injured in clashes in Baramulla last week died in hospital, taking to 70 the toll in the violence since June 11.

A youth, identified as Sameer Ahmad Malik, sustained an abdominal injury when security forces fired at a violent mob that attacked the house of Education Minister Peerzada Muhammad Sayeed in Anantnag district Sunday afternoon, police said.

Four others sustained minor injuries in the firing. The Minister was inside at the time of the attack.

“A mob of around 300 attacked Sayeed’s house in Damhal Khushipora village of Anantnag district today (Sunday) afternoon. The security forces initially used batons and tear smoke shells to disperse the violent mob, but after the stone pelters resorted to sustained violence, security forces had to open fire,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police (South Kashmir) Shafqat Ahmad.

Mr. Malik has been brought to Srinagar for treatment.

In Srinagar, a youth was hit by a tear smoke shell in clashes between security forces and the stone-pelters in Maisuma area. Security forces also resorted to aerial firing as the protesters defied curfew — imposed after Saturday’s violence.

“The youth has been admitted in the hospital and doctors there said his condition is stable,” police here said.

Clashes also occurred in Bemina area.

Earlier, a mob resorted to heavy stone pelting on the police and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel in Soura area of the city, injuring a police official.

“A deputy superintendent of police was injured in the stone pelting in Soura. Security forces used batons and tear smoke canisters to enforce curfew there,” a police official said.

In Lethpora village near Srinagar, protesters blocked the strategic Jammu-Srinagar national highway — the only link between the Kashmir Valley and the rest of the country — pelting stones at the passing vehicles. The protesters were later chased away from Lethpora, Mr. Ahmad said.

Reports of clashes between curfew-defying mobs and security forces have also come in from north Kashmir’s Baramulla and Sopore towns.

Authorities had imposed an indefinite curfew in Srinagar and north Kashmir’s Baramulla and Sopore and south Kashmir’s Anantnag, Pulwama, Bijbehara and some other places in the Valley on Sunday.

“The imposition of curfew had become unavoidable in the wake of the large scale violence and arson by mobs which had formed part of the protest march led by Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik here yesterday (Saturday),” a senior police officer said here.

Meanwhile, 34-year-old Mir Ashraf, who was hit in the neck by a bullet, during clashes in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Monday succumbed in the hospital Sunday.

Four other protesters had been killed and 15 had sustained injuries when security forces intervened to clear the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad highway which had been blocked by protesters at Palhalan village, 35 km from Srinagar, on September 6.

“Ashraf had sustained a critical bullet injury in the neck and we had put him on life support system immediately after he was brought to hospital Monday. Despite our best efforts, we could not revive the patient,” an attending doctor at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences Soura (SKIMS) said.

FIR against Mirwaiz

Meanwhile, police have lodged an FIR against the Mirwaiz in a local police station here. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said the Mirwaiz had betrayed assurances of a peaceful protest because of which the authorities had allowed his Lal Chowk march on Saturday.

“The FIR has been lodged against Mirwaiz Umer Farooq for instigating people to violence and arson through his inflammatory speeches,” police said.


Industrial training to youth in Naxal-hit districts of Chhattisgarh

The Chhattishgarh government has decided to impart vocational and industrial training to youth in Naxal-hit district of the state.

According to official sources, school dropouts (eighth pass outs) and other unemployed youth would be provided with training in various skills in Bastar, Dantewada, Kanker, Bijapur and Narayanpur districts of the state.

These training programmes will be short-term modules for enabling employment as masons, wiremen, electric workers, handpump mechanics and drivers to youth in Naxal-infested areas especially Bastar, as the state government is planning to get skilled men for proposed industrial projects in the region.

Those who will be provided training shall be selected through a survey and study conducted by teams on the panchayat level, they said.


Rahul exhorts youngsters to join Youth Congress

Bengal), Sep 14 (IANS) Exhorting young people to join the Indian Youth Congress, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi Tuesday said strengthening the Congress would help them serve the nation better.

The young leader attended two party programmes at Bolpur town, where he interacted with the Youth Congress members and elected Congress members from seven West Bengal Lok Sabha constituencies.

During the potential youth congress leaders' meet, Gandhi shared his viewS with around 11,000 members from seven Lok Sabha contituencies who have taken membership recently and are likely to be in fray for the elections to various Youth Congress office-bearers' posts to be held shortly.

An insider said that when a 22-year-old youth from Burdwan asked how could he be associated with politics, Gandhi replied: 'Come and join Youth Congress'.

'He also urged young people to join the Youth Congress as strengthening of the Congress would help one serve the nation better,' said the insider.

Kulwant Rai Sinhgla of the Youth Congress, who was in-charge of the potential leadership meet, said: 'In reply to queries of some 20 odd young people, Rahul Gandhi told them that the Youth Congress is the only party where the leaders having potential would be elected democratically.'

In another programme, he meet elected Congress members — from rural bodies upwards to the Legislative Assembly — of seven constituencies and asked about their problems and also sought suggestions to strengthen the Congress in West Bengal.

The seven constituencies are Bolpur, Birbhum, Burdwan, Burdwan East, Durgapur, Murshidabad and Jangipur.

Said Asit Mal, Birbhum district Congress president: 'We have discussed several issues, including alliance with the Trinamool Congress and political violence in the state'.

'We have urged him to ensure that the Congress got a respectful position in the grand alliance with the Trinamool Congress in the coming elections.'

'He patiently listened to our views and also assured us that he will look into the matter,' said the lone Congress legislator of Birbhum district.

This was Rahul Gandhi's maiden visit to Bolpur, known to be a stronghold of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) for decades.


Indian troops martyr five more innocent Kashmiri youth

Srinagar, September 16 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops, in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred five more innocent Kashmiri youth in Tral.

The troops martyred the youth in Sajan-Dudkulan area of Tral during a siege and search operation.

On the other hand, Indian police and paramilitary CRPF personnel roughed up a scribe associated with a local daily ‘Greater Kashmir’, Majid Hyderi in Hyderpora area of Srinagar, this morning. Hyderi was heading to cover press conference of veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani.

The personnel of Special Operations Group of the police beat up a lady doctor and paramedical staff near Parimpore, Srinagar when they were on way to hospital in an ambulance.

Meanwhile, the police used brute force to disperse demonstrators who were protesting against the arrest of five youth at Dooru Shahabad in Kulgam. Residents told mediamen that the policemen had unleashed terror in the area. “The policemen barged into the houses and beat up the inmates including women and children. They went berserk and thrashed everyone who came in their way,” they added.

Two motorcycles of the police were set ablaze at Pampore on Srinagar-Jammu highway, last night.


Respect aspirations of Kashmiri youth: Sonia

NEW DELHI: Signalling the UPA regime's readiness for reconciliation with the alienated segment of people in the Kashmir valley, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday called for a fresh initiative to appreciate the "legitimate aspirations" of the Kashmiri youth.

Speaking at the all-party meeting on the current spell of violence and disquiet in Jammu & Kashmir, she made clear the ruling coalition's willingness to accommodate and assuage the grievances of the angry youth.

"We must give them hope, we must understand and respect their legitimate aspirations," she said, unfolding a new agenda of providing a healing touch to the younger generation in the Valley.

While she admitted there were provocations from inimical forces within and outside — a clear reference to Pakistan and its proxies, Sonia suggested that the fact should not hold up efforts for fresh political pact with the sullen citizenry in the Valley.

"We must ask ourselves why there is so much anger," she said in an apparent reference to the spectacle of stone-pelting across the Valley.

She appreciated the work being done by the security forces detailed in the Valley for law-enforcement. "We understand the extreme pressures and dangerous circumstances our police and security forces face in protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity."

However, she also said that efforts should be made to understand the reasons for the mass fury. "We must also ask ourselves why is there so much anger? Why is there so much pain, in particular amongst the youth? The young, especially, belong to a generation that has grown up in the embrace of violence, of conflict and brutality," she said.

"Together, let us arrive at suitable decisions on which we can all agree to break this vicious cycle of violence and suffering," she said.


Mentally ill youth from UP lands in city, rescued

CHENNAI: An 18-year-old youth, reportedly found lying without food or water for several days on a pavement on Poonamallee High Road in Vanagaram, was rescued by volunteers of an NGO on September 9. After the mentally challenged youth said he hailed from Uttar Pradesh, the NGO managed to trace his parents.

According to Udhavum Karangal volunteers, some passers-by informed them about an abandoned man on the middle of the road near Vanagaram. "Immediately we sent our volunteers to rescue him. He was wearing a dirty shirt and no trousers. He was unclean and was frightened to see people. Once he was brought to our centre, he was cleaned up and treated by medical practitioners. The doctors said he was hungry and very weak. He was administered glucose and other injections. Later, we took him to a counselling centre where information was gathered from him," Udhavum Karangal founder and director Vidyakar told TOI.

"He was fluently in English and Hindi but was not coherent. There was no connection between one sentence and the other. However, he manged to speak about his native village of Gola Gokarannath Kheri in Uttar Pradesh which has a huge Lord Siva temple. His parents had tatooed his name Tusshar Sharma'on the right hand," a volunteer from Udhavum Karangal said.

"We tried to locate the address with the help of some NGOs in UP and managed to get through finally. We spoke to Tusshar's mother Shyama Sharma, who had been bedridden for 2 and 1/2 months. Tusshar is the fourth child of Shyama and Vijaykant Sharma. After her husband's death, Shyama was living with her three daughters and Tusshar in the village where the family ran a grocery shop. In May, Shyama took her son to meet a priest at a temple in Ambala from where he disappeared. Shyama searched for her son before lodging a complaint with the police. The case was reported in many newspapers in Uttar Pradesh," the volunteer added.

"When we informed Shyama about the rescue of her son, she said the family members were rushing to Chennai. They are expected here on Monday morning. Tusshar could have landed here by a train from Delhi," Vidyakar told TOI.


Youth Congress workers stage protest, court ‘arrest’ by force

The state Youth Congress workers assembled at the Mini Secretariat on Friday under the leadership of MP Ravnit Singh Bittu and asked the police to arrest them. Bittu, who is also the state Youth Congress president, took the initiative and took his seat in a standing police van. Following their leader, Dimple Rana, district Youth Congress president; Lakhwinder Lakha; and many others also sat with Bittu. More than 40 Congress workers were taken to division number 5 police station where they were released without registration of FIR. The workers were protesting the scam unearthed at the DC office in which pilferage of funds amounting to over Rs 50 lakh was reported. The funds were Central grants meant for construction of houses for BPL (below poverty line) people under the Indira Aawas Yojana.

Although the main suspect surrendered before the police two days ago, the workers were demanding disciplinary action against the then ADC(development) Devinder Singh, who was in-charge of this project. On Thursday, Pardeep Aggarwal replaced Devinder Singh and so far Singh has not been given any posting. The sudden transfer is in light of the scam unearthed, said sources.


Young Pakistan is moderate, finds results of new study

Pakistani youth are serious about their own religion, but do not want to impose it on other people, a new study conducted by Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) has revealed.

The latest issue of 'Conflict and Peace Studies', a quarterly research journal of the institute carries the outcome of the study focussed at examining the thinking patterns of Pakistan's youth, the Daily Times reported.

According to the PIPS survey involving postgraduate students from 16 public and private universities and postgraduate public colleges across the country, 92.4 per cent respondents overwhelmingly considered religion to be an important factor in their lives, though 51.7 percent admitted that they did not offer prayers regularly.

In what may come as a surprise to many, 79.4 per cent of the surveyed Pakistani youth thought that the Pakistani Taliban did not serve the cause of Islam.

While 85.6 per cent respondents believed that suicide bombings were prohibited in Islam, 61.7 per cent people supported military operations in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

According to the survey, 95 per cent Pakistani youth favoured women education. (ANI)


Jammu and Reserve seats for J&K youth in educational institutes: Ex-MP

Hyderabad, Sep 23 (PTI) The people of Kashmir can be made to integrate more with the rest of India by taking some confidence-building measures and through the political process, former TRS MP B Vinod Kumar said today."There are different opinions in Jammu and Kashmir.Jammu region feels they should integrate more with rest of India. Ladakh wants a Union Territory status.In Kashmir, there are sections who want full autonomy, some want liberation and others feel alienated from the rest of the country," Kumar told reporters.He was part of the all-party delegation that visited Jammu and Kashmir, which is witnessing a new round of unrest and street violence, two days ago.The Kashmir issue should be addressed through a process involving political parties. More importantly, the sense of belongingness to India can be increased among the J&K youth by taking steps like offering them seats in educational institutions all over the country, he noted."Why not every university or prestigious colleges reserve two or three seats for youth from J&K? Why cannot some financial assistance provided to the people of the state? I feel this will go a long way in giving them confidence." To a query, he said there is no controversy over some delegation members meeting separatists. "As the Home Minister (head of the team) and Leader of Opposition could not meet them, some members felt they should meet the separatists." PTI SJR RSY


Youth beats father to death in Lucknow

A mentally-challenged youth allegedly beat his father to death in the Kakori police area in Lucknow on Thursday. The police have lodged a case of culpable homicide against the youth and admitted him to the Psychiatry department of CSMMU.

According to the police, in the last few years, Surendra (22) had undergone treatment at CSMMU. But he was not taking his medicines from the last four months.

“Surendra attacked his father Srikrishna (60) with a cane in the morning. Srikrishna sustained injuries on his head. Later, Surendra injured himself too,” said Kakori SO Umesh Bahadur Singh. There was no other else present at the house when the incident took place.

When informed of the incident by neighbours, a relative from Sarojini Nagar reached the incident spot. “Srikrishna succumbed to his injuries on way to the hospital. A case of culpable homicide has been lodged against Surendra,” said Singh


Pak youth apprehended from indo-pak border in kutch desert

A Pakistani youth has been apprehended at Indo-Pak border in the Kutch desert by the Border Security Force (BSF), BSF officials said in Kutch today.

The 22-year-old youth was apprehended near the Border Pillar 1111 by the BSF patrolling unit yesterday, they said.

"He is being interrogated by the BSF officials," BSF IG AK Sinha told PTI adding that nothing suspicious has been found from him.

In the month of July and August, there were similar attempts of infiltration on the Indo-Pak land border in the Kutch desert.

The BSF had apprehended two Pakistani men in two separate incidents and handed them to local police for interrogation. Nothing suspicious was found from them too.

BSF in Gujarat has been very active and has been successful in stalling number of attempts by Pakistani men to infiltrate into India through the desert as well as the creek area on western coast of Gujarat.


Youth held for sending mischievous SMS on Ayodhya verdict

A 24-year old youth has been arrested here for allegedly sending a mischievous SMS regarding the court verdict on Ayodhya title suit in the name of a Muslim MLA of the Union Territory.

A large number of Muslims in Karaikal yesterday received an SMS warning them not to venture outside today. The Allahabad high court was to have delivered its verdict on the Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit today, but the Supreme
Court had deferred it by a week.

"Nobody can save you if you move out," warned the message which had the sender's name as Karaikal North MLA AMH Nazeem
of DMK, police said today.

The message, which also requested that it be forwarded to all Muslims, caused a flutter in the town.

On information, Karaikal police swung into action and within hours traced the message to Yousuf (24) of Pudhuthurai.

During interrogation, Yousuf confessed that he sent the message to create a panic situation, police said.


These cities aren't giving in to America's high school drop-out crisis

America is facing a high school drop-out crisis of shocking proportions — three out of every 10 young adults drop out of school, including nearly half of minority students. And the impact that it has on these youth is one that cannot be ignored:

"According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, if dropouts from the class of 2009 had graduated, the country would have benefited from an additional $335 billion in income over the course of their lifetimes," Colin Powell recently wrote in an op-ed for CNN.com


Cities that are working hard to reverse these statistics received some major props earlier in the week. Powell's America's Promise Alliance, dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth, announced their 100 Best Communities for Young People List on Tuesday, naming the top 100 communities across the country that are making strides in keeping their kids in school.

"The 100 Best Communities for Young People are taking bold and effective steps to help their youth graduate and lead healthy, productive lives," said Alma J. Powell, chair of America's Promise Alliance, in a news release. "Each community has proven that they are developing programs and implementing initiatives to provide young people with the essential resources they need to graduate from high school and succeed in college and a 21st century career."

More than 350 communities were nominated for the 100 Best competition with winners coming from 37 states.

To find out which cities made the cut or how to nominate your own for next year's competition, visit the America's Promise Alliance website.


Youth's chance to flower, to deliver potential: Purie

Today's youth have new vistas opened in front of them after the collapse of the old order and this change has led to the emergence of new entrepreneurs, said Aroon Purie, the chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the India Today Group.

In his welcome address at the India Today Youth Summit 2010 in New Delhi on Saturday, Purie said, "With the collapse of the old order, old business families have vanished, dynamic new entrepreneurs emerged, professionals have become millionaires, managerial salaries are very respectable and every day new industries and services are cropping up. India today is a land of great opportunity. And the world is your oyster."

The change is also reflected in new age occupations, he said. "You can be whatever you want to be. From an aeronautical engineer to someone working for an NGO, from a professional video gamer to a politician, from a coffee taster to a glass blower."

He also said there is no one formula for success. "It's evident in our speakers today who will tell us about their Mantras of Success(the theme of the summit)".

Dwelling on his mantra for success, Purie said, "I believe there is no substitute for hardwork and hardwork never killed anybody. Plus be passionate about what you do and believe in yourself. And pray that you are in the right place at the right time and, most important, you know it."


Boys and Girls Club helps area youth

There's an old adage faced by owners of cars who are told by their mechanics that "you can pay me now or pay me later," meaning the failure to invest in maintenance in your car may mean a greater cost in repairs further down the road.

The same can be true with people, especially our youth.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Virginia, Eastern Shore Unit, is investing in our youth. Its mission is "to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring citizens."

They need your help to continue doing that. As grants for these types of programs become more difficult to obtain and many clubs throughout the nation face dire financial straits, the need for public donations to continue has become vital to the continued operation of these clubs.

The Boys and Girls Club on the Eastern Shore has many success stories. Three times the teen group has won national awards for its programs on obesity, alcohol awareness and caring for the elderly. Few clubs the size of the Eastern Shore have won one national award. Three times is unprecedented.

But it is the individual stories that local Boys and Girls Club officials see that inspire them to want to reach others. They take in students who have no supervised place to go after school who are making Ds and Fs and then watch them become honor roll students because they are now motivated. Simply having someone to help and praise our youth can transform lives.

And the good students become even better. Two Eastern Shore students became Regional Youth of the Year honorees and are now succeeding in college. One of those students is in a pre-med program and says it was the self-esteem she gained at Boys and Girls Club that inspired her to pursue her dreams.

After school programs provide a nutritious meal, academic tutoring, fun activities and social interaction. Many of these children would otherwise be going to an empty home or to their parents' workplace with no direction or adult supervision. Or worse, joining up with peers who tempt them with poor choices.


Tearful Karzai warns of youth exodus from Afghanistan. Here's why.

Widespread corruption, for which Mr. Karzai's government is notorious, is also undermining the desire of educated 20-somethings to invest in their country instead of looking abroad for a brighter future.

Mr. Karzai, during a nationally televised address at a Kabul high school, focused on how violence is preventing school-aged youths from getting an education. "Our sons cannot go to school because of bombs and suicide attacks," he said. Referring to his 4-year-old son, he added: "God forbid Mirwais should be forced to leave Afghanistan."

But for Afghanistan's young minds who have already shown an unprecedented interest in rebuilding a democratic nation, violence alone is not the problem. Interviews here with young Afghans working as public servants and running for government office reveal that a crash course in the hard-knocks school of Afghan corruption has been a wake-up call to many.

“What I was thinking in university was different from what I found in practice,” says 25-year-old Qazi Ahmadi, the nation's youngest judge.


Youth held for shooting obscene videos of minor

HYDERABAD: The Cyber Crime police on Tuesday arrested a 22-year-old youth for shooting obscene videos of a minor and sending threat messages to her cousin.

According to an official release issued here, M Venkateswaran alias Venkatesh, a resident of HMT Colony, Nacharam, working as a trainee at a reputed lab in Habsiguda, was arrested for taking sexually explicit photos and videos of a girl student and sending threat SMSes to her cousin.

Venkatesh was given the job on compassionate grounds in the organisation. In 2007, the girl's father engaged Venkatesh for giving tuitions to his children. However, the next year, after sensing that the attitude of the youth towards his daughter was suspicious, he stopped him from that.

As a fallout, Venkatesh threatened the girl's cousin and also sent abusive SMSes to him warning him of dire consequences. He also said that he would damage the reputation of the family by posting photos and video clippings of the girl on the internet, if they kept her away from him.

Venkatesh also reportedly threatened to wipe out the entire family if she revealed this information to her family.

DSP, Cyber Crime, Ram Mohan, said after establishing the involvement of the youth, he was taken into custody. Based on his confession, his personal computer was checked. Personal photos and obscene video clippings of the victim were found. A computer, Sony camera and mobile phone were seized.


Two former students held for beating youth to death

New Delhi: Two former students of Jamia Millia University were today arrested for allegedly beating to death a young fine-arts student outside the campus in south Delhi, police said.

Sahil and Aijas were apprehended for allegedly beating to death 18-year-old Shahrukh Shaheer near Ansari health club outside Jamia campus yesterday, a senior police official said.

Two others, who were allegedly involved in the incident are absconding. Efforts are on to nab them, the official said.

Shahrukh was called outside by the duo, who were expelled from the University earlier this month, and two others and then beaten him up mercilessly with hockey sticks and iron rods, the official said.

He was badly injured and taken to Holy Family Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. Doctors said he died due to internal haemorrhage and damage to vital organs.


Youth Cong eyes a bigger pie in panchayat polls_

The Youth Congress has started pressuring senior party leaders to give chance to some of the office-bearers to contest in the panchayat polls.

Senior Youth Congress leaders told The Indian Express that six names have been shortlisted and forwarded to the state Congress leaders, adding that they are confident that these members will be given tickets.

“It is true that the Youth Congress members were not given the kind of importance, which we were expecting. But as far as the panchayat elections are concerned, we are confident that our candidates will be given a chance to contest. We have already submitted the list of candidates after they were finalised in a meeting here on Wednesday,” said Vadodara Youth Congress president Jogeshwari Maharaul.

Those shortlisted are Narendra Moti Parmar from Sokhda, Satish Makwana from Waghodia, Deepika Waghela from Moksi, Jayendrasinh Chavda from Undera-1, Raju Thakor from Undera-2, and Harshad Parmar from Bajwa.


NSUI youth defy Sec 144, march to GU, gherao VC

PANAJI: Even as Section 144 of the CrPC was in force in view of the Ayodhya title verdict, members of the National Students Union of India (NSUI) gheraoed Goa University vice chancellor Deelip Deobagkar in his chamber on Thursday and demanded his resignation for "unjustifiably" keeping the university students' council election in abeyance.

"Compelled by the university decision, we defied Section 144 though it was not our intention to do so," NSUI president Sunil Kawthankar said. Police, however, said Section 144 was not defied. "They didn't create any problem outside the university premises. They came by their own vehicles and went to the VC's chamber. Our police officials were there to ensure that there was no law and order situation," DySP (panaji) Deu Banaulikar said. Kawthankar, however, asserted they had defied the order. "Imagine the anger among the students that they defied Section 144 imposed because of the Ayodhya title verdict and gathered at the university in large numbers," Kawthankar said. Asked why the university representatives (URs) owing allegiance to NSUI decided to register their protest when Section 144 was in force, Kawthankar said any delay would have been "too late to get justice". "Tomorrow (Friday), the EC (executive council) is meeting and we want them to take a decision on our issue." He said they wanted to explain to the VC that the GU action to keep the elections on hold, was wrong as 70% of the URs are with NSUI.

"He should not have gone by the demand of BJP's student wing," Kawthankar said. The students entered the VC's cabin and sought a written declaration from him on holding the elections. They also asked the VC to garland the URs and when he declined, asked him to shake the students' hands. The students were closeted with the VC for about 30 minutes and cops were called to the cabin to maintain order. "We paraded 24 of 33 candidates, 70% of our university representatives, at the university campus to prove our majority. We paraded them with their identity cards so that no one can challenge our majority. Just because the BJP students' cell candidate was declared disqualified, the elections were postponed as demanded by their cell," Kawthankar said.

The students also submitted a signed representation to the VC asking him to conduct the elections immediately. "I asked the VC if he had received any written complaint from the disqualified BJP candidate. He said no. He said the atmosphere was not good to hold elections, which is why they were called off," Kawthankar said. "It is an injustice to our candidates. Already the first term exams are nearing and then there will be Diwali vacation, when does the university intend to hold the elections?" Kawthankar said. He, however, added that the VC assured them that the EC will meet on Friday and take a decision on the elections. "We will wait and watch," Kawthankar said. GU registrar M M Sangodkar confirmed that the EC will decide on the issue. Reacting to the behaviour of the students, he said it is not only NSUI, but the same with all students' organizations. "We have decided to leave it to the university EC to decide on the election," Sangodkar said. The EC will discuss the issue and decide on measures to be adopted to check such unruly behaviour.


Ten more innocent Kashmiri youth martyred

Srinagar, October 02 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Indian troops, in their fresh acts of state terrorism, martyred eight more innocent Kashmiri youth in Kupwara, Ganderbal and Bandipora districts.

Five youth were killed by the troops in Machil area of Kupwara while dead bodies of three others were recovered from the debris of a residential house destroyed by the troops in Kangan area of Ganderbal.

Earlier, an Indian policeman was killed and several others were injured in an attack in Kangan. One youth were killed in Gurez in Bandipora.

On the other hand, a civilian, who was injured on September 16 when Indian troops fired upon peaceful protesters at Puthka in Sopore, succumbed to his injuries in a hospital in Srinagar, today. Thousands of people including Hurriyet leaders participated in the funeral of the martyred at his hometown. They raised anti-India and pro-liberation slogans.

The All Parties Hurriyet Conference Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Khawateen Markaz, Jamaat-e-Islami of occupied Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement, Kashmir Liberation Front-R and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League in their separate statements condemned the seizure of newspapers and beating of media-persons by Indian policemen and paramilitary troopers in Srinagar.

APHC leader, Ghulam Ahmed Mir in a statement in Jammu said that the resolutions passed by the United Nations formed the basis for peaceful and permanent resolution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations.

In Brussels, the Chairman of Kashmir Centre, Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo in a statement said that the Kashmiri people had been rendering sacrifices for securing their inalienable right to self-determination and not for perks and packages. The Executive Director of Kashmir Centre London, Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl in his statement said, Jammu and Kashmir is the UN mandated disputed territory and its political future is yet to be ascertained.

More than 200 people held a demonstration at Normacot in City of Stoke-on-Trent in UK to protest Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.


J&K Congress wants 5 lakh jobs for youths in Valley

The youth wing of the Jammu and Kashmir Congress Committee today demanded that the Centre introduce an employment package of nearly five lakh jobs in the Valley so that the youth may not be "misled into stone-pelting."

"There is no private sector in Kashmir and there is a huge unemployment. So we appeal to the Centre and the state government to announce an employment package for the youth of Kashmir so that they could not be misled into stone-pelting," general secretary of the party youth wing Vikar Rasool told reporters here.

Rasool also said that the youth in the Valley should give a positive response to the steps taken by the Centre to deal with the civil unrest in the Valley.

"The youth of Kashmir should respond positively to the Centre's eight-point initiative for normalising the situation in the valley. Stones and violence are not a solution," he said.

He demanded creation of five lakh jobs for the youth and more steps to generate employment in the Valley.

He said the youth should come to the "dialogue table" and work out issues amicably with the interlocutors from the Centre.


Youth killed by tiger in Uttar Pradesh

A youth was mauled by a tiger in Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary here, forest department officials said here today.

Jagmohan, resident of village Chahalwa, was attacked by the tiger when he went to the jungle to collect fodder, forest officer RK Singh said.

The youth was later rescued by the villagers and admitted to a hospital, where he died during treatment.

Since January 2010, five persons have been killed in such attacks.


youth cong leaders , two arrested

JALANDHAR: The District Youth Congress (Urban) vice-president, Bobby Dhal, who is brother of councillor Dinesh Dhal, has been arrested, along with his cousin and a friend, in connection with a case registered in September last year, in which an ASI was injured when two gangs exchanged gunshots.

They were on the run, but on Tuesday, when they went to the office of police commissionerate for some work, cops nabbed them after identifying them.

Fierce gun battle had taken place in broad-day light in September last year in Gopal Nagar. Five persons, including the ASI, were injured even as police had rushed to the spot to control the scuffle between the two groups.

Police sources said it was a gang war between two sides — one led by Amit Dhal, alias Ganji, and cousin Bobby and the other by Hind Kranti Dal chief Manoj Nanha. The dispute was over extortion of illegal commission from flower sellers in Gopal Nagar.

Both the sides, including Nanha and Dhals, were booked in an attempt to murder case. Bobby, Amit and one Sonu were declared proclaimed offenders by the court.


My responsibility lies with the youth congress: rahul gandhi***

New Delhi, Oct 6 (IANS) Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi reiterated Wednesday that his primary responsibility was to revive the Youth Congress and get the youth to join politics.

'I have responsibility of the Youth Congress and I am doing that,' Gandhi told reporters at a press conference here.

He added that his main aim was to get young people into politics. 'I think that Indian polity's most important task is to bring youth into politics,' he said, adding that the youth comprised 70 percent of the population and yet don't play a role.

Gandhi admitted that 'political groups were designed in such a way that youth cannot enter (politics)'.

To a pointed question whether India would ever see a prime minister in his thirties, Gandhi, 40, said: 'India has a very capable prime minister.'

On the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) calling him 'immature', he retorted: 'That's fine. They are fine to call me immature.'


Bajrang Dal slams Rahul for equating RSS with SIMI

Bhubaneswar, Oct 6 (IANS) The Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Wednesday criticized Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi for equating the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) with the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

His statement came hours after Gandhi Wednesday branded the sangh parivar outfit as 'fanatical' and equated it with the outlawed SIMI.

'I know only that both the SIMI and the RSS are fanatical and hold fundamentalist views,' Gandhi told reporters in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.

'I never expected Rahul Gandhi to turn so senile early in life so as to forget the difference between patriots and anti-nationals,' the Bajrang Dal's national chief Subhash Chauhan said in a written statement issued here.

'His lack of knowledge is pathetic given the fact that the SIMI is a proscribed outfit. This is just a routine rootless statement from him (Rahul Gandhi) aimed at cultivating a minority vote bank,' he said.

'The RSS needs no one's certificate and the least from Rahul Gandhi. He is privy to his ridiculous opinion,' he said.


Youth Cong yatra challenges DMK

MADURAI: The Congress high command and the ruling DMK repeatedly declare that their political relationship remains strong, but the ongoing Youth Congress padayatra in Tamil Nadu is aimed at questioning the ruling party claiming credit for various welfare measures being enjoyed by the people.

The highly popular '108' free ambulance service, the one-rupee-per-kg rice scheme, infrastructure development in the road sector and funding for self-help groups (SHGs) are some of the schemes from which the DMK regime derives its popularity, feel young Congressman, who believe that the credit should more justly go to the Congress-led government at the Centre.

The padayatra, a brainchild of AICC general secretary in charge of the Youth Congress, Rahul Gandhi, began at Kaliyakavilai near Nagercoil on Gandhi Jayanti and is likely to culminate in Chennai on November 19, the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi. The yatra reached Tirunelveli on Thursday.

"The yatra is aimed at bringing back the Kamaraj rule. The Congress lost power in Tamil Nadu 47 years ago," said Youth Congress general secretary Kiran Kumar Reddy, who was part of the yatra until Wednesday. Speaking to TOI, Reddy said, "It is also to feel the pulse of the people and talk about the Central government's schemes, most of which have been renamed in Tamil Nadu." He said such an exercise was needed as the people might otherwise be oblivious to what the Congress was doing for them.


BJP youth wing targets Rahul for equating RSS with SIMI

NAGPUR: Activists of BJP's youth wing Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha on Friday protested against Congress youth icon Rahul Gandhi for equating Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh with the radical Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). In a demonstration organised at Tilak Putla, in Mahal area where the RSS headquarters is located, around 30 saffron activists burnt posters of Rahul Gandhi and raised slogans against him.

BJYM city president Bunty Kukde told TOI that they also dispatched a parcel to Rahul's 10, Janpath Road, New Delhi address.

The parcel couriered through Mahal-based Ravindra Couriers contained an infant feeding bottle, a writing slate, chalk, school bag and a book on RSS. The book titled 'RSS: A Vision in Action" is authored by the late HV Sheshadri who was a RSS ideologue and functionary for decades.

A letter that is enclosed in the parcel condemns Rahul for comparing RSS with anti-national SIMI and says he is abachcha' (kid) who needs lessons about the RSS. "We also sent him a school bag containing a slate a chalk along with the feeding bottle," said Kukde. Immediately after his controversial statement made at Bhopal on Wednesday, the RSS had reacted sharply saying that Rahul should learn a few things about the RSS and its work before passing on his opinion to people.

Meanwhile, joining the war of words triggered by Rahul's remarks, city Youth Congress president Atul Kotecha jumped to his leader's support. Ridiculing RSS spokesman Ram Madhav's statement that the Sangh was a non-political, disciplined nationalist organisation, Kotecha said that on the contrary the RSS was steeped in politics and that was the reason every BJP leader has to visit the RSS office here to seek blessings.

Dismissing the BJYM threat that Rahul will not be allowed to enter the city, Kotecha said the Youth Congress was capable of teaching a lesson to anyone coming in their leader's way.


Mumbai youth kills mother-in-law for derogatory remarks about sister

Furious on his mother-in-law for passing derogatory comments about his sister, a youth allegedly stabbed her to death at Wadala in central Mumbai, police said today.

Last evening, Pratibha Kadakuntala, 45, was killed by Shrikant Ganguly, 24, whose sister married the deceased's son Karan, 23, a year ago, the police said adding that the accused was arrested on murder charges.

According to the police, Shrikant's sister Pallavi got married to Karan a year ago but their marriage hit the rocks after a few months.

"The couple often entered into arguments and about three months after the marriage, Pallavi was sent to her maternal house," said VB Bhosale, inspector at Wadala TT police station.

A divorce suit was also filed by Pallavi's family, he said adding Shrikant had learnt that Karan and Pratibha were passing derogatory remarks about his sister and making allegations that she was having extra marital affair.

"Hearing this, he got extremely annoyed. In a fit of rage, Shrikant, wielding a chopper, rushed to Pratibha's house to warn her against any comments about his sister," he said.

"Subsequently, the duo had an argument following which Shrikant stabbed her several times, injuring her severely," Bhosale said.

The victim was rushed to nearby hospital where she was declared dead, he said adding that investigations were on.


Youth power gets festive miss

JAMSHEDPUR: With 42 per cent of the population here comprising Bengalis, Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivities in the Steel City. With nearly 300 community Pujas for a population of around 14.5 lakh, Jamshedpur probably comes second to Kolkata in festive fervor. But with job prospects dwindling and students looking for better career options by migrating to other cities, youth power has received a jolt.

Bimal Ray, president of a Bistupur-based Puja, said till the Eighties, there were enough young volunteers in every Puja committee but now the scenario has changed. Most of the young brigade, who are either working or studying in other cities can come home only for the four days of the Puja. Sometimes, due to job constraints, that, too, gets reduced.

"This has greatly affected the personal touch in every community Puja," said Ray, adding that now people are hired from agencies to bridge this gap. Earlier, volunteers used to manage the crowds, now security agencies are hired to take this responsibility. Same with bhog distribution.

He reminded that it is a tradition in every pandal to distribute khhichdi bhog among devotees. Volunteers savoured the service. But now people have to be hired to do the job.

Tarakeshwar Singh of Sonari Puja Committee said the absence of youth power has affected another area of the celebration: subscription collection from door to door. "Now, we have to depend on sponsorship and donations," added Tarakeshwar.

He quipped that it's a case of more grey hairs and less black. "With most members being 60 and above, the energy associated with youth is missing," he felt.

Tarakeshwar pointed out that his father was one of the founding members of the Puja. Later, he also became a member of the club. But now both his sons are working in Kolkata and they can come home only on Saptami.

Ardhendu Banerjee, president of a Bhalubasa-based Puja, said, "Nowadays there's no funds crunch as we get corporate sponsorship. But when it comes to manpower, we cut a sorry figure."

Puja preparations begin three months before the actual event where youths play a crucial part. Banerjee felt that many Pujas could get wound up because of this crisis.


Konkani Youth Brigade has task cut out

MANGALORE: Catch them young may sound cliched. But reposing its trust on youth power is the Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation, Mangalore, which has come forward to set up ‘Konkani Youth Brigade’ in educational institutions in coastal parts of the state, where Konkani as a language is dominantly in use in various spheres of life. The youth brigade idea is expected to take off in a big way towards the end of this year.

Basti Vaman Shenoy, president of the Foundation, told TOI here on Sunday that it is the younger generation that has to carry forward the task of promoting Konkani and its various cause in a big way. There has to be second line of leadership that is creative, resourceful and dynamic enough to run the affairs of not only the Foundation, but also the World Konkani Centre at Konkani Goan at Shaktinagar here in the days to come.

The Konkani Youth Brigade has taken off in Canara College in the city, he said adding that this concept would be extended to schools and colleges administered by pro-Konkani managements in Dakshina Kannada district, and subsequently to Udupi and Uttara Kannada districts as well. The youth brigade would be given the task of organizing Konkani related activities such as cultural and literary competitions and festivals.

Testing out the potential of the youth to shoulder responsibility, the Foundation has organized presentation of a Konkani drama __ Kundya Kurkul at the Town Hall here on October 20. Nearly 50 students are undergoing rigorous training for staging the drama at Nalanda School in the city, he said, adding that leading stage artists would provide regular and periodic guidance and training to these students to stage more such shows.

In order to give further impetus to the youths from Konkani-speaking communities, the Foundation has arranged for Konkani Kalotsava at Bangalore on November 14. Winners of various regional level competitions held at Kochi, Calicut, Kundapur, Mangalore, Udupi, and Kumta would display their talent in the Kalotsava that is being organised with assistance from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Nearly 200 children will take part in the event.


Youth Festival rescheduled as CP out of bounds

NEW DELHI: The Youth Festival has hit a roadblock. With Delhi Police virtually sealing Connaught Place for the cyclothon from October 9 to 14, a part of the festival has been rescheduled and will be held after the Commonwealth Games. After the cops informed Delhi Tourism about the security preparations, a section of the festival has been postponed to October 21-23 and October 29-31.

Delhi Tourism MD Reena Ray said the new dates will be advertised. "A number of events as part of the festival were planned during October 10-14 but police informed us that they needed the area sealed for the cyclothon and marathon events for security reasons.''

The festival showcasing India's young talent is held at Central Park in CP. The programme had started with a scintillating dance performance by the renowned modern dancer Astad Deboo. It will be followed by rock music presented by students from both formal and non-formal schools. There is also kite-flying at the venue during the day and a giant puppet show in the afternoon. Later in the evening, people can watch a laser and beam show light up the sky.

While the event has been postponed, one more day has been added to the festival. "Instead of five, now the shows will be spread over six days. It will spread over weekends so more schoolchildren can participate,'' said Ray. The performances lined up included Acapella music by ECHO, a western music all-girls band from Jesus and Mary College. Delhiites can look forward to performances by Salaam Baalak Trust and Kirori Mal College.


For youth it is a fun extravaganza

LUCKNOW: The 40-somethings in Durga puja pandals may be discussing the majestic eyes of the goddess, but for younger pandal hoppers in the city, the three-day extravaganza is as much about fun and frolic, as it is about family and traditions.

Celebrating 'pujo' in Lucknow for the first time in over 16 years, statistics student Anurupa Bose, said: "I have heard a lot about puja celebrations in Lucknow, including the great food and cultural programmes. Unlike other places, I have heard the festivities continue over many days. I'm looking forward to what the city has on offer.''

In most parts of the city, the pandals are also veritable amalgams of festive fashion and gourmet food. For Lucknow's Gen-next for instance, a visit to a pandal is also a time to catch up with friends and family. "Apart from being an excellent opportunity to get together with family, puja is also the time to buy new clothes and be your social best. It's the one time of the year when looking good becomes even more important, '' added Aparajita, a second year student of commerce in Lucknow. In fact, fashion is not limited to the 20-somethings alone. Older ladies are carrying themselves with as much elan as any younger girl. So, forget women in traditional white sarees with red borders. In Lucknow, at puja time, women sport everything from the traditional 'Dhakai' or 'Baluchari' to the more contemporary designer chiffons.

Apart from fashion, the puja festivities that last over three days are also, youngsters acknowledge, a great time to connect with cultural roots. Members from most Bengali families participate in cultural programmes, ranging from dramatic renditions of famous plays, classical singing and Rabindra sangeet, dance performances and even fine art competitions. "As children, my sister and I would participate in these activities. Now, in my pandal hopping spree, I particularly like the intricate details of Durga Ma's sculptures,'' said Ankita Bose, a student of Delhi School of Economics, celebrating Durga Puja with her family in Lucknow. Ask her if she would rather celebrate the festival in Delhi and Bose responds with a resounding 'no'. "Durga Puja time is for family. There are no two ways about that,'' she added.

If family and fashion are keeping the festive spirits soaring, fancy food is an equally important factor keeping the hearts happy. Though pandals typically dish out everything from dosas to Chinese fare and fish fry, the traditional Bengali 'bhog' is what remains the star attraction. Bose added: "The khicchdi, chhochhodi and payesh are hugely sought after. Apart from that, different types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, especially a variety of fish are available.'' Thursday, in fact, everyone adds in unison, is only the beginning of the fun. Referring to all the pandals that he has still not visited, Prateek, a student of Lucknow University, said: "There are miles to go before I sleep.''


Surat offers to train Zimbabwe youth, seeks rough diamonds

"The diamond industry in Zimbabwe is poised to enter a new phase with discoveries of new diamond reserves. We are mining around 1.5 to 2 million carat rough every month, but this figure will go up. We also want to develop a strong diamond cutting & polishing industry, and look at India for help in becoming a major player in the industry," Mpofu said.

He also exuded confidence that the Kimberley Process would soon lift the restrictions on sale of Zimbabwe diamonds, and the country would be able to export rough diamonds.

Assuring SRDSL officials of all support and access to vast rough reserves of Zimbabwe, Mpofu also said that the money earned by sale of rough diamonds and other natural resources would be used for the betterment of people of Zimbabwe.

Attacking the western countries, the minister said, "The US and Europe are raising non-existent human rights issues with the help of NGOs and giving a bad name to Zimbabwe to prevent our diamonds from entering the market." SRDSL chairman, Ashit Mehta stressed on the mutual benefits of enhanced trade between Zimbabwe and Surat.

"Zimbabwe is a major producer of rough diamonds, while Surat is the hub of diamond cutting & polishing. A partnership between the two sides will be a win-win situation for both," he said.

SRDSL offered to train 1,000 Zimbabwean youths and to purchase US $ 1.2 billion (Rs. 5,400 crore) worth of rough diamonds annually from Zimbabwe. In fact, SRDSL wanted a MoU to be signed with the Zimbabwe minister, but it was felt that more discussions were needed before a formal MoU was signed.

The proposed MoU was handed over to the minister. Officials said that if things work out, the MoU may be signed during the upcoming visit of SRDSL promoters to Zimbabwe from October 20.


Youth dies in kidnapping bid in Gujarat

A 20-year old man succumbed to injuries received in a kidnapping bid, on Friday. The Satellite police, who had lodged a case of kidnapping and attempt to murder against six persons, converted the case into one of murder. However, the reason behind the incident isn't known yet, said the cops.

According to the police, 20-year old Manoj Desai was kidnapped by six people sometime around midnight on Wednesday. He was kidnapped near the Rani Laxmibai statue on Satellite road. The police said that Desai was taken towards Vasna gaam, where he was brutally beaten up by the kidnappers.

Desai was admitted to Shalby Hospital. However, according to the police, he succumbed to his injuries at 12:30 pm on Friday. His father Ishwar Desai, a resident of Sheshnagar Society near Vastrapur railway station, lodged a complaint with the Satellite police.

However, the police claimed that they do not know the reason behind the kidnapping. The six persons have been identified as Dinesh Rabari, Kulesh Rabari, Kalpesh Rabari, Mahesh Rabari, Dinesh Rabari and Shailesh Rabari.

"Investigations are on but we are yet to find out the motive behind the incident. However, Desai and the six accused are part of a group, and have been celebrating Navratri together for the last many years. Prima facie, it appears that a dispute between them led to the incident," said a source.

Sources also said that Desai, in his statement, told the police that he fainted after being beaten up by the accused. He woke up only to find himself in Shalby Hospital, but didn't know how he reached there.


Fed up with illness, youth ends life

LUCKNOW: A 22-year-old youth, allegedly fed up with his illness, committed suicide by hanging himself at his house in Quila area of Aashiana police station on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.

The youth was identified as Goldi Pandey, son of Late Lalu Pandey.

Goldi's brother Shivam stated in the FIR that he lived with Goldi and their mother Rani Pandey.

Shivam stated that Goldi was fed up with his illness.

Goldi, on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday, shut the door of his room and hanged himself from the ceiling by a plastic rope. The family members informed the police at around 1.30am.

The police rushed to the spot and started the investigation into the matter. Though the exact cause of Goldi committing suicide could not be ascertained, the police believe that he might not have been able to bear the pressure due to his illness. The matter was being investigated.


Army organizes exhibition in Madurai to motivate youth

The Army organized a five-day long exhibition in Madurai, to motivate the youth of the country and to create mass awareness.

The exhibition, which commenced on Tuesday, is showcasing the Army's technological advancement.

The Army Officer, Colonel Roy, said the exhibition is basically to generate awareness amongst the youth to highlight various activities that Army undertakes.This exhibition we are conducting for the first time in Madurai. It is conducted every year in some non-military station. The aim of this exhibition is basically to generate awareness amongst the youth to highlight various activities that the Army undertakes. To name a few- various adventure sports, various training activities and of course war waging capabilities and the training for them," said Colonel Roy.

The exhibition is showcasing technological advancements in military hardware, weapon devices, anti-aircraft guns, sophisticated small arms, nuclear warfare protection suit and other lethal weaponry and gadgets.

"Today I saw the machines of the military and it was nice but I want to see more and was nice," said Mageshwari, a visitor.

An array of other interesting displays such as body building, gymnastic, martial arts, improvised explosive devices and engineering equipments were also displayed.


Corporator, wife, sons held for youth’s murder..

The Chinchwad police have arrested Uttam Hirve, the nominated NCP corporator of PCMC, his wife Ratnamala and two sons for the murder of 22-year-old Chinchwad youth Manoj Kasbe, whose body was found in a pit behind DY Patil College campus in Ravet on Sunday morning.

Kasbe was allegedly murdered after a dispute with Hirve’s son Vijay and Raju who misbehaved with his sister during a dandiya event at Dalvinagar.

Hirve’s wife Ratnamala was arrested late night on Sunday while Hirve was admitted to Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH) in Pimpri after he complained of chest pain and was arrested after discharge on Monday evening. Vijay and Raju were arrested on Monday evening. Dnyaneshwar Chavan, deputy commissioner of police for zone III, said, “As the complaint filed by Kasbe’s father Navnath mentioned that the wife of the corporator had come to their house and had said that because of Manoj her two sons had to face insult at the dandiya event. The complaint also mentioned that Ratnamala threatened them that they will have to face consequences.”


Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress leader raped in Ranchi

A Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress leader who went to Patna as an observer for the NSUI elections was allegedly taken captive and repeatedly raped by two persons at Ranchi in Jharkhand, police said today.

The victim today lodged an FIR against the duo under sections 376 (punishment for rape) and 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement) of IPC, they said.

According to the police complaint, the victim went to Patna after she was made the party's observer for the NSUI elections there, where she met one Devendra Sharma, a resident of Morena, who introduced her to another leader Shamsher Alam.

The duo, on the pretext of giving her a big post in Congress Sewa Dal, took her to Ranchi where they allegedly took her into captivity and sexually abused her, the complaint said.

Her parents had also lodged a complaint stating that their daughter was missing after they couldn't establish contact with her on September 14, a day after she left from Morena.

After receiving a phone call from the victim recently stating that she was in Ranchi, her family members rushed to bring her back.

Her captors had abandoned her after their family members came to know about her, police sources said adding she has returned to her residence situated under Kotwali police station in Morena.

After medical tests confirmed rape, police have registered a case against Sharma and Alam, and further probe is on in the matter.

"A police team is being sent to Patna and Ranchi in search of the accused," Kotwali police station house officer MP Sharma said.


youth stabs step-mother, commits suicide

Yavatmal, Oct 21 (PTI) In a bizarre incident, a 34-year-old youth stabbed his step mother and later committed suicide, police said today.The incident occurred when Yeshwant Dhoble had an altercation with his step-mother Jyoti Dhoble on property ownership, they said.Yeshwant stabbed Jyoti with a sharp knife and later consumed pesticide thinking that his mother might have died, they said.The duo were immediately admitted to the Babhulgaon government rural hospital and later shifted to government medical college here.Yeshwant died in the hospital while condition of Jyoti is still improving, they said.A criminal offence under sections 307 and 34 of IPC has been registered against the father, step mother, sister and brother.Further investigations are on, police added.


Debate marks youth fest’s opening

LUDHIANA: Punjab Agricultural University Inter-College youth festival started with debate on right to education on Thursday. The function was held in the Students' Home Auditorium.

PAU comptroller AC Rana was the chief guest while additional director of communication Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman presided over it. Rana said participation in debates and declamation contests help the students to brush up their thoughts on a given topic. He said such opportunities provide them for to express themselves. He congratulated the participants and said the government policies, plans and acts are affected for betterment of society and suggested that with proper monitoring and evaluation necessary improvements can be made in due course. India lives in villages and rural literacy was bound to improve the conditions of masses, he observed.

Dr Dhiman in his presidential remarks said rural and urban gap in the country can be bridged through education. He complemented the student for their excellent views both for and against the motion. Highlighting national concerns such as rampant malnutrition, lack of good teachers in rural areas, problem of child labour, drug addiction, indebtedness and inadequate healthcare services, etc.


Obama visit: American Center seeks youth 'First Citizens'

MUMBAI: The American Center Mumbai is running a 'First Citizen' contest through its Facebook Fan page in honour of the upcoming visit of President Obama to India and has announced that winners will win video cameras.

"In any society, especially strong and vibrant democracies such as the United States and India, citizens are important to the development of a vibrant civil society. We are looking for youth 'First Citizens' of western India," American Center Director Anne E. Grimes said.

"We want you to nominate friends, classmates, colleagues - any young person between the ages of 14 and 30 who is engaged in working to make his or her society a better place," Grimes said.

The nomination should include the name of the nominee and describe, in 300 words or less, how that person is contributing to his/her community and why s/he deserves to be voted the "First Citizen".

Entries can be submitted through the "Contests" tab on the American Center Mumbai Facebook page.

Both nominators and nominees must be Indian nationals residing in the five states encompassing the U.S. Consulate General Mumbai consular district: Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

As this is an interactive contest, the judges will consider the number of likes each entry receives, although the main evaluation will be of the description and impact of the work that the nominee is doing. November 8 is the deadline for submitting entries.


India-US youth meet before Obama visit

MUMBAI: An Indo-US youth dialogue is being held in the city as part of the run-up to the visit of US president Barack Obama.

Organized by Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, a Mumbai-based think tank, the event will involve a panel discussion which will be attended by 60 youngsters from city colleges. The event will be held on Tuesday at HR College, Churchgate between 5 and 7 pm.

The organizers said the idea was to formulate an agenda for the youth to send to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama.

The panel will consist of three Indian youths and three Americans based in India and will be chaired by the superintendent of American School, Craig Johnson.

The topics that will be discussed will range from technology, climate cha-nge, education, the terrorist threat to entrepreneurship and skill building. Colleges across the city have been asked to nominate students for the India-US discussion.

Gateway House will also put up a series of articles on the implications of Obama`s visit on their website.


Interlocutors in Kashmir, to focus more on youth

SRINAGAR: Centre’s three interlocutors led by journalist Dileep Padgaonkar landed in Srinagar on their maiden visit after they were appointed as mediators to settle Kashmir issue. They will stay in the state for four days during which they will meet a number of people including youth and students.

Padgaonkar told reporters that though they have requests from many people for meetings, they would prefer meeting the youth in particular. “We have kept a full day on Monday for meeting youth and students,” he said. When the penal met the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh they were asked to make the youth their main focus. The ongoing crisis is seen as a revolt by a new generation that was born and brought up during twenty years of dreadful insurgency.

Accompanied by his two colleagues Ms Radha Kumar and M M Ansari, Padgaonkar is putting up in the state circuit house. Earlier, they were supposed to be in a hotel but the venue was changed later. Sources said they are managing their programme themselves without any aid from the state government.

Separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani has already announced that he will not going to meet them. In his speech at a Delhi seminar Geelani asked people not to oblige the interlocutors. Asked about the statement, Padgoanker told reporters that they are willing to meet them at their residences, if they choose so. He actually hinted at some spade work on this front without offering any details.

Unlike Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Yasin Malik have not announced their plans as yet. They, however, had criticised the setting up of the penal. Meanwhile, the authorities are releasing Shabir Shah under parole in wake of his mother’s hospitalization for cardiac problems.

The delegation of all party law makers that visited Kashmir earlier sent groups to various separatist leaders. That decision was taken at the initiative of Left parties who argued that the separatists would not shut door against them if they choose to go homes directly.

Interlocutors said they would be frequently visiting Kashmir. It will be at least once a month following which they will be submitting a report to the central government. The penal appointed by the home minister has a mandate to work on Kashmir for a year. Padgoanker said apart from studying the situation they would be addressing the political angle of the crisis. “There have been enough of lectures,” he said, adding, “We have come to listen now.” He reiterated that they will be listening with open mind.

The penal was appointed in the wake of the crisis that led to the killing of 111 persons, mostly youth, since June 11. However, the appointment of interlocutors was not appreciated by the political parties including the unionists who were not happy with the absence of political face in the penal. Many of them expected parliamentarians to be nominated as interlocutors.


Youth Cong functionary assaulted in Erode

Erode (TN), Oct 25 (PTI) A local Youth Congress leader was allegedly assaulted by two suspected workers of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi (VCK) here, police said. J Suresh, President of the Erode Parliamentary Constituency Youth Congress, was assaulted late last night after a quarrel over organising a protest demonstration against VCK leader Thol Tirumavalavan. Police today registered a case on a complaint from Suresh and is searching for the two VCK workers. Congress and VCK have been involved in a war of words, with the former accusing the latter of unfairly criticising the party despite Tirumavalavan winning in last election as a partner of DMK-Congress combine. Suresh had organised the demonstration recently protesting the anti-Congress remarks of Tirumavalavan. A section of Congressmen has also alleged that VCK was behind the desecration of a statue of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi in Chennai last week.


Youth activists in Kolkata protest against recent metro train mishap

Youth activists of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), protested against recent derailment of a metro train in Kolkata.

Protestors held a demonstration outside the Metro Rail Bhavan demanding better safety measures in metro rail services.

DYFI activists on Monday, shouted slogans against the railway authorities and demanded resignation of Railway Minister, Mamata Banerjee holding her responsible for the recent accidents and snags in metro rail services.

Kolkata District Committee Secretary of DYFI, Thirthankar Mukherjee, said the purpose of the protest was to awake the railway ministry from slumber and take charge of the mishap and ensure its prevention in future.

"We are demanding passenger safety in the metro trains which is presently in a very bad state of affairs. The Railway Minister is not paying attention to these demands as her focus is on politicisation of other issues and partisan politics. So, we demand immediate action ensuring passenger safety, modernisation of the 25 years old infrastructure of railways and large intake of employees," said Mukherjee,

Two coaches of a metro train derailed in an underground tunnel in Kolkata last Wednesday. No casualty was reported.

The train was running from northern Dumdum Station to southern Central Station and derailed at the Mahatma Gandhi station. By Ajitha Menon (ANI)


Sikh Youth of Punjab celebrates foundation Day of Punjab

HOSHIARPUR: The Sikh Youth of Punjab Monday organized a road show to commemorate the 44th foundation day of the present Punjab.

The show was named as Lalkar rally and was aimed to raise the voice in promoting and protecting Punjabi language and Sikh culture from all internal and external onslaughts. The message of the rally was clear
and loud: Respect your culture and language and then only the world will respect you’.

Around 200 youths associated with the SYP riding on motorcycles and cars with placards and saffron flags started from Tanda town and concluded at Hoshairpur where speeches were delivered.

Urging the youth to unite for the welfare of the society, the president of the youth body Gurpreet Singh Mann emphasized on the need to focus on education and skill development. He supported the KAC’s call for Punjab Bandh on Nov 3.

The group honoured veteran leader Saroop Singh Tuli who faced long detentions during the struggle for Punjabi Suba.

As a guest speaker, Dal Khalsa president H S Dhami exhorted the youth to be on the forefront to lead the movement against drug menace and apostasy to its logical end. He was of the view that youth should not shy away from politics. He said it was not possible to solve any problem without politics and therefore it was "absolutely necessary that youth should join it.

However, he was quick to add that youth should not indulge in political rhetoric rather work effectively for justice and truth without any sense of malice in their hearts. He emphasized that all human beings want freedom and the right to determine their own destiny.

Since the occasion was 44th anniversary of formation of Punjab, the organization voiced its concern against the heavy influx of migrant labour and continued loot of state’s water wealth. “The continuing
influx of migrant settlers, lured by economic bribes is severely altering the state’s demography and damaging Punjabi language and culture”.

The Dal Khalsa general secretary, Kanwar Pal Singh called upon the international community to take notice of the plight of the Sikhs whohad been denied justice. Giving a clarion call to all communities to observe the bandh on Nov 3, he said the 1984 events left a deep scar on the psyche of the Sikh people.

Former head of SYP Ranbir Singh also spoke on the occasion.


Shiven Khosla wins silver at world youth chess

Shiven Khosla picked up the silver medal in the boys under-14 category of the World Youth Chess Championship in Halkidiki, Greece, on Sunday.

The event is one of the biggest on the Fide calendar and attracted around 1400 children from 87 countries includingthe USA, England, Russia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kazakystan, Turkmenistan, UAE.

It was a tough task for the 13-year-old Dhirubhai Ambani International School student, as he had to hold his nerve in the last round. After 10 rounds, one child was leading with eight points out of 10, while seven others were tied on 7.5 points.

Needing a win in the last round to keep his medal hopes alive, Shiven played a fantastic last game, crushing his opponent to claim the silver medal.


PAU stand-off on youth fest ends

LUDHIANA: The face-off between the students and Punjab Agricultural University regarding the alleged biased judgment in the bhangra competition, ended on Monday as the authorities succeeded in pacifying the students who were all set to carry out a protest.

PAU inter-college youth festival signed off on Saturday night with the protest from the students after the final results of the events for bhangra and giddha.

These students of College of Agricultural Engineering were protesting that they deserved the prize for best bhangra team but the same was wrongfully given to the College of Basic Science.

These students, who had ransacked the stage when the results were announced, claimed that they had a recording of performances and judgment should be reviewed by seeing the same.

On Monday morning, these students had again planned a massive protest by 9 am outside the Thapar Hall, but the university authorities came to know of it and they called the leaders and after a long discussion they were able to convince the students not to carry out the protest and accept the judgment.

Director students welfare PPS Lubana said the decision given by the judges would be the final and it would not change.

Anyhow he promised the students that they would watch the performance of the bhangra event again and if they find that the students had done exceptionally well they would be appreciated separately but officially the judgment would remain the same to maintain the dignity of the judges.


Youth League resembles SS: Reader

During the Rwandan genocide, Hutus called the Tutsi people "cockroaches".

A survivor said: "In Rwanda they referred to Tutsis as cockroaches. [They said,] 'Don't worry, you're not killing humans like you. You are killing vermin."

Dehumanisation has been referred to as "the fifth horse of the Apocalypse" because of the inestimable damage it has done to society. When people become things, any atrocity can be justified.

The same thing happened to the Jewish people in the Holocaust. This event did not happen overnight. It was a process of dehumanisation that tried to remove any trace of compassion human beings might have had for each other.

Dehumanisation is a way for one group of people to assert the "inferiority" of another group. Anyone can be targeted for their gender, belief , race and so on.


Top brass lauds Rahul Gandhi's youth efforts

The Congress top brass on Tuesday lauded the contribution of Rahul Gandhi in bringing a new generation to the party fold through a democratic process in the youth and student wings of the organisation.

Rahul's contribution was in particular praised at the AICC session by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

"This meeting appreciates and supports the initiatives taken by the Indian Youth Congress and the NSUI under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi to bring about a new era of inclusive participation of youth in national service through an election based political process at the grassroots level," Mukherjee said in a statement, amid applause.

In her address at the AICC session, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said, "We cannot remain an effective election machine which starts working only during a election. On this issue, I am happy that the Youth Congress and the NSUI have brought in a new generation of youth into the organisation through a democratic process."


I want to sing meaningful songs for youth: Kailash Kher

His voice has mesmerised people of all age groups. But versatile singer Kailash Kher holds a special place in the heart of the Indian youth - for his ability to set the adrenaline going among his listeners. And similar was his performance in the city on Saturday, when his songs had the youth swaying and asking for more.
Kher performed at Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), to mark the end of the institute's annual brand management festival MICANVAS. And his repertoire of music, which included world, lounge and new-age dance music and Sufi-based songs, was very well-received by the city's music lovers.

Kher appears very impressed with the way Ahmedabad has been growing. Speaking to DNA, he stated that performing in the city was an amazing experience. "Ahmedabad is growing in terms of infrastructure as well as civilisation.The city is becoming very cosmopolitan as well - each time I come here, there are new sights to take in. But along with the growth, the enthusiasm for artistic elements is also increasing, which is great," Kher said.

The singer feels there is a lot more to an artist than the way he or she is portrayed on television. "At the end of the day, television is just a medium to market our products and services. One needs to realise that Kailash Kher and Kailasa go beyond what the silver screen shows. Artists should understand that just because one song is a hit, one should not keep repeating it. We have to show the audience the full range of what we can do, and the kind of songs we can compose and sing," he said.

His belief showed in his selection of songs as well. On Saturday, Kher stuck mainly to songs from his personal albums, with only a couple of his famous numbers showing up during the performance.

This artist sees students as the future of the nation. "While you're still a student, there is a certain idealism in you that stays put. But very often, the corporate world forces people to change. And that is why, I would like to sing thought-provoking songs, which will influence the youth for the better," said Kher.

He ended with saying that performing at the Commonwealth Games was 'an experience of a lifetime'. "Representing the country in front of so many people from across the world has been nothing short of an education," he concluded.


Indian troops martyr two more innocent Kashmiri youth

Indian troops, in their fresh act of state terrorism, martyred two more innocent youth in Shopian district of Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK), Tuesday, during a siege and search operation.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Indian police opened fire on a group of students and arrested three of them from Amar Singh College in Srinagar.

One student identified as Hashim Farooq was injured in the police firing and was shifted to a hospital for treatment.

Witnesses said that a police team raided the College after receiving information that some students involved in the recent anti-India protests were present in the campus and were to interact with journalists.

Meanwhile, the occupation authorities slapped draconian law, Public Safety Act, against 15-year-old, Mukhtar Ahmad Malik and 45- year-old, Nazir Ahmad Lone, in Shopian for participating in the recent anti-India demonstrations. They were shifted to Kathua jail Jammu.

The family members of Mukhtar said he was booked on false charges. They maintained that he worked as a waiter in a Jammu hotel and had returned home last month due to illness.

"He had gone to the market to purchase medicines when he was arrested", he said.

On the other hand, Indian authorities have claimed to have arrested a Divisional Commander of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen along with his two associates from Kokernag in Islamabad district of IHK.


Lover’s husband back, youth found dead in police station

A telephone rings, breaking the eerie silence of the afternoon inside Rohini’s Vijay Vihar police station. It is a calm day. Some files make the rounds of the desks as complainants wait quietly along the wall. There is nothing to betray the fact that a 30-year-old man allegedly ended his life in the same building just a few hours back.

Vikas, who the police claimed was depressed, hanged himself with his vest from the window of the Investigating Officer’s room, claimed the police. DCP (Outer) Chhaya Sharma said Vikas, who used to work at a plastics factory at Bawana, was in love with a 30-year-old woman and had been staying with her for the past few weeks. Although the woman was married to another man, Keval, a 35-year-old from Bihar, Vikas used to visit her at her Mange Ram Park Extension home in Budh Vihar Phase III “whenever her husband was away”, said DCP Sharma.


BJP youth workers disrupt separatist leader's press meet

Jammu, Nov 4 (IANS) Activists of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), the youth wing of Bharatiya Janata Party, disrupted a press meet of separatist leader Shabir Ahmad Shah in Jammu Thursday.

The BJYM activists tried to assault Shabir Ahmad Shah, the president of the Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party and a member of the executive council of All Party Hurriyat Conference, who was released late Wednesday night.

They also tried to assault him for the anti-India noises he was making.

'Anti-India noises will not be tolerated,' shouted activists of the BJYM as they vandalised the furniture of a local hotel where Shah was to address media.

Order was restored with the intervention of police and Shabir later addressed the media.

5-11-2010(my birthday)

Youth Cong claims credit for govt decision on free power

The Nav Inquilab Yatra of Punjab Youth Congress, which started from Mohali four days ago, reached Khanna on Thursday. The party took credit for the “farmer-friendly” decision taken by the state government, which restored free power to run agricultural tubewells on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference at Khanna, party chief Ravneet Singh Bittu said the government had bowed down to their demands due to popularity of the yatra.

“We raised all farmer issues during the four days of our yatra. People are fed up with the ruling party and want a change. If the government had to revert back his decision on charging electricity bill from farmers, it should not have gone ahead with it in the first place,” he said.

Bittu demanded another Rs 100 bonus on the minimum support price of paddy from the Union ministry for the farmers of Punjab who were affected by bad weather and an increased input costs. He assured the farmers that he would personally take up the matter with AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi.


MNS chief works his charm on Dombivli’s youth

Fiery speeches and random remarks against opponents are synonymous with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray. However, Dombivli youngsters saw a completely different Raj, not the one they see on TV.

The MNS chief was there on Friday morning to thank the voters for showing faith in his party and ask youngsters to enjoy this Diwali to the fullest. The youths present were amused when the leader told them he would not hinder their ‘match-making’ endeavour.

“I have heard that this place (Phadake Road) is better known for its match-making than anything else. I wish the young crowd standing in front of me a very happy Diwali. But let me make myself very clear that I do not want to interrupt this match-making exercise of yours; so, please continue with all the fun,” said Raj, and his remarks were instantaneously greeted with cheers and whistles from the crowd.

During his days in Shiv Sena as the chief of the Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena (BVS), Raj had led the charge against Valentines Day couples, arguing that their behaviour was against the country’s culture. Once the MNS was formed, Raj has never reacted violently against the same. This, as has been evident in the past few years, helped gain support for his party’s youth wing in colleges.

There has been a deliberate attempt on the leader’s part to keep the image of his party young. A majority of MNS candidates who won the Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) elections are below 40 years of age.


World needs youth to solve challenges: Michelle

Mumbai: After displaying her extraordinary dancing skills with kids, US First Lady Michelle Obama on the second day of her India visit said it is a pleasure and honour to be in the South Asian country.

Greeting selected students gathered from six Mumbai colleges at St Xavier's , Michelle spoke passionately about herself, her upbringing and encouraged the youngsters to keep having 'gigantic dreams'.

Michelle stressed on the power of education. She urged the youth not only to dream big but also to fulfil them for the betterment of their own community and of the world.

Lauding India’s culture and hospitality, the US First Lady said, “We are thrilled to be here. This is my first trip to India, but not my first exposure. I grew up in Chicago which has one of the largest Indian American communities in the US.”

“We hosted the PM (Dr Manmohan Singh) and his wife last year. I danced there too. I have really been looking forward to the trip," she added.

Elaborating on her own experiences, Michelle said, “My family didn’t have a lot of money and my parents worked hard to pay bills and to keep a roof over head. They could not provide us materials but taught us the most important aspects of live - strong values, treat everyone with dignity and respect. They taught us to be humble and be grateful for what we have.”

“My parents said circumstances didn’t define us. We can build and define our own destiny,” Michelle added.

Emphasising on improving the relations between the world's oldest and largest democracies, the US First Lady encouraged the students from both India and US to connect and share experiences.

The US First Lady added, "I believe you and your peers around the world are up to the challenge. All children regardless of their circumstances deserve the same chance to get educated and build a successful life. You are doing it too. Finding new ways to conserve energy. As First Lady I have tried to engage young people to let them know that we need you to help solve the challenges of our time.”

“My husband just doesn’t meet the state leaders and discusses political or business environment but emphasises on meeting and hold discussion with the youth of different countries,” Michelle said, underlining the importance of the youth.

She ended her address by introducing her husband and saying: "Ask my husband some tough questions. That makes his day. But you got to keep him on his toes."

To this, the President said: "I also don't like speaking after Michelle because she teases me. If you want to ask me easy questions, go on."


Obama asks youth to join public service

In remarks similar to what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also often makes, US President Barack Obama on Sunday said economic growth cannot be undermined as it was necessary to lift people out of poverty and asked young people to join public life. "We should not underestimate how liberating economic

growth can be for our country," the president said during an interaction with some 300-odd students from five institutions at the St. Xavier's College here, spending 45 minutes along with First Lady Michelle.
"I don't want any young person to be dismissive. Healthy materialism is good. But if all you are thinking about is material wealth then that shows a poverty of ambition," the president said.

Even Prime Minister Singh, with whom Obama shares a close personal rapport and holds in high esteem, often says in the context of poverty eradication: "Growth is not an end in itself, but a means to an end."

Obama also recalled his days as a community worker before going to law school and said: "What I understood was it is hard to preach to an empty stomach. If people have superior material needs like shelter, food and clothing, they need to be met."

The president, who was visibly pleased interacting with the 300-odd students, also had a message for them. He wanted them to get involved in nation-building, just as he said expected businesses to contribute toward this end.

"There is a healthy scepticism about politics. In the US the people hold politicians in low esteem. Here in India, one of the big impediments to development is the fact that in some cases the private sector is moving much faster than the public sector," he said.

"I would just suggest that - I hope some of you - decide to go ahead and get involved in public service. This can be frustrating. It can, at times, be slow. You don't see progress as quickly as you would like," he said.

"But India's going to need you not just as businessmen, but also as leaders who are helping to reduce bureaucracy, make government more responsive and deliver services more efficiently."

Obama also pushed for collaborations between Indian and US scientists — like in the 1970s for better seeds, which led to the green revolution, making India self-sufficient in food output.

"Innovations, green revolution are a result of cooperation between India and the US India can become a model for countries serving on food security," he said, soon after an interaction with farmers in Ajmer through video-conferencing.

"I heard directly from citizens through e-panchayat. They fought corruption, holding their government accountable. These lessons can be applied around the world. We must speak out for human rights that are universal."

Obama also gave the example of Mahatma Gandhi in the context of materialistic wealth.

"When I was at Gandhi's room (Mani Bhavan) it was telling that the only objects in the room were a mat, spinning wheel, sandals, a few papers and this man changed the history like no one else did in the 20th century in terms of the number of lives he affected."


Youth murdered after fight over bursting crackers

AHMEDABAD: A 23-year-old engineering student was murdered by a group of youth on Monday with whom he had a fight while bursting crackers in Amraiwadi.

Police said that Asang Parghi, a student of Bhavnagar Engineering College had come to his home in Sattadhar Society for Diwali. On Monday, when he was bursting crackers outside his house, he had a scuffle with three youths over crackers. The three youths - Neeraj Sharma, Jayesh Oghan and Satish Rai threatened Asang that he would have to pay a heavy price for picking up a fight with them after which they left the area.

Later, when Asang went to buy something from a nearby shop with his friend Mukesh Rathod on a bike, at 7.30 pm, the three came up and stabbed him in the chest even while he was riding the motorbike. "It was a wild attack where Asang was stabbed while riding the bike. It led to spread of terror in the area", said eye-witnesses. Police officials said that the three youths were identified and arrested. tnn


Death comes out of the blue for Ahmedabad youth

In a freak incident, a stray rocket came out of the blue and caused the death of a youth who incidentally was handling inflammable substance at that precise moment. The youth succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

The tragic incident occurred on Diwali night when Sanjay Pal, 27, a resident of Pushpanagar Bhargav Road in Meghaninagar came out of his house at around 9.30 pm.
He came to the parking lot to collect petrol from his bike as it was leaking.

According to police, while he was busy collecting petrol in a plastic bag, a firecracker (rocket) dropped into the bag. A fire broke out and before Pal could save himself he was caught in the inferno, cops said. He was then rushed to the Civil hospital, where he succumbed to his burn injuries on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, a wave of grief and shock gripped the residents of the area. Meghaninagar police inspector PL Solanki termed it an unfortunate incident.

Solanki said that the youth worked as a daily labourer. The police have registered a case of accidental death.


Reality TV show 'kills' youth

Apparently unable to bear the alleged humiliation meted out to him by the host of a reality TV show, a participant died after he went into a state of depression, his family has claimed.

"Laxman (25) was suffering from depression ever since he was humiliated at reality TV show Rakhi Ka Insaaf, hosted by drama queen Rakhi Sawant following which he was admitted to Jhansi Medical College hospital on November 9. Unable to bear the ignominy, he stopped taking his food and eventually died yesterday," his uncle Balbir, who had also taken part in the programme, alleged.

"Ever since he was humiliated and called names by the anchor in the programme aired on October 23, he had become an object of rebuke. This had caused him mental agony and he stopped taking food," he claimed.

"We had gone to the programme hoping that it would help resolve Laxman's marital problems with Anita, whom he had married on February 19 this year. However, instead of finding a solution, unfounded charges were levelled against us by Rakhi who also branded Laxman as impotent," his uncle alleged.

Though the family has not yet filed any police complaint, they are thinking of moving the court against the programme and the anchor, Balbir said.

Meanwhile, the police said it would be able to act only in case of a complaint.


Rahul disowns Mission ‘2012’

The AICC general secretary, Rahul Gandhi, has denied that he had any “Mission 2012” in Uttar Pradesh.

It could be Mission 2012, 2017 or 2020, but the Congress will form a government only when it gets a majority. It will never form a coalition. Until then, the Youth Congress workers should concentrate on building the organisation and working for people, he said on Thursday.

Addressing Youth Congress activists, he said “Mission 2012” was not his idea, it was a brainchild of media.

This is the first time Rahul has disowned “Mission 2012” ¿ a favourite theme in the speeches of senior state Congress leaders — including the paty’s state president Rita Bahuguna Joshi — since the Lok Sabha elections when the Congress had put up a good show.

Almost all senior state Congress leaders have stated on various occasions that the party is committed to “Rahulji’s Mission 2012”.


Day after Rahul visit, workers told to stay away from media

A day after AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi made a surprise visit to Anandi Water Park at the outskirts of Lucknow to address the ongoing Youth Congress workshop, the newly elected representatives were given a class on media management.

On Friday — the last day of the five-day workshop — they were told by senior leaders that though Rahul had honestly shared his feelings with them, it was sad that soon after he left, they spoke to the media about what the Congress leader had said.

Strict instructions were given to around 300 Youth Congress representatives from the central zone — who had participated in the workshop — that no one is allowed to speak to the media on his own. Guidelines have been prepared, according to which, the zonal state president will be the spokesperson. No other Youth Congress worker or representative will be allowed to speak to the media.

14-11-2010 (children"s day)

Keep off media, Youth Cong workers told

Following the surprise visit of AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi to Anandi Water Park on the outskirts of Lucknow to address a Youth Congress workshop, newly elected representatives of the organisation have been advised to maintain distance from the media.

On Thursday, Rahul had made the surprise visit to the workshop where he disowned “Mission 2012” and said it was a creation of the media. He had also stated that the Congress would never form a coalition in UP, but form a government only when it got a majority and until then the partymen should work to strengthen the organisation. However, as soon as Rahul left the venue, the Youth Congress workers had started sharing details of the meeting with mediapersons. When alerted, IYC president Rajeev Satav asked all the workers to immediately stop speaking to the media because it was supposed to be a closed-door meeting.


J&K youth to benefit from end of state's economic crisis: Omar Abdullah

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has expressed hope that the private sector will soon emerge from the economic crisis, caused by the recent unrest, to the benefit of the youth of the state.

"The strengthening of private business and the economic sector will definitely help the youth to contribute their experiences in the sector they were working in," Abdullah said during an Awami Mulakat organised here yesterday.

He said that all vacant posts in various departments of the state government are being filled up in a transparent manner and the Sher-i-Kashmir Employment package has been "further strengthened" recently so that maximum educated youth could be accommodated within its purview.

The chief minister, who began the mechanism of Awami Mulakats or meetings with the people to hear out their grievances, met nearly 4,400 persons, an official spokesperson said.

The various delegations of people from Srinagar were assured by Abdullah that his government intends to develop the summer capital as a greater city for which huge funds have been earmarked.

"Even if due to some disturbances work could not be completed, but within shortest possible time and despite huge weather constraints all departments have been instructed to work hard to complete the developmental works in Srinagar," Omar said.


Pak national accused of recruiting Kerala youth for terror in Kashmir

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The National Investigation Agency on Tuesday named Pakistan national 'Wali' Abdul Rahman as an accused in the case of recruitment of youth from Kerala for terrorist activities in Kashmir.

He has been named as 24th accused in the case which hit the headlines after the death of four Malayalee youth in an encounter with security forces in the valley in October 2008. The dead were identified as Mohd Fayaz of Kannur, Abdul Rahim of Malappuram, Rimon alias Mohd Yasin - a convert from Christianity - from Ernakulam and Fayeez of Kannur.

Wali, according to the NIA, carried out his operations from Hyderabad.

Last week, the agency had indicated that it had hit upon evidence to suggest a Pakistan link to the case.

Investigation revealed that Bangalore blasts case accused Tadiyantavide Naseer who is also an accused in the case had taken the youth initially to Hyderabad where they were prepared ideologically and then sent across the border for weapons training.

The first hits came from Mohd Jaleel, a painter, who had received phone calls from the militants while they were caught in the encounter. He led the cops to Faisal, the man who had taken Mohd Fayaz from his home in September 2008 on the pretext of a job in Bangalore.

Subsequently, it came to light that Faisal was one of the main recruiting agents for Lashkar-e-Toiba and is believed to have taken at least 300 men, mostly from Kannur, to Bangalore and Hyderabad for induction in terror. But the state government claimed that the figures were exaggerated.


Kerala youth indoctrinated in Hyderabad for terror acts

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Tuesday named Pakistan national ‘Wali’ Abdul Rahman as an accused in the case of recruitment of youth from Kerala for terrorist activities in Kashmir.

Rahman has been named as the 24th accused in the case which hit the headlines after the death of four Malayalee youth in an encounter with security forces in the valley in October 2008. The dead were identified as Mohd Fayaz of Kannur, Abdul Rahim of Malappuram, Rimon alias Mohd Yasin __ a convert from Christianity __ from Ernakulam and Fayeez of Kannur.

Wali, according to the NIA, carried out his operations from Hyderabad.

Last week, the agency indicated that it had hit upon evidence to suggest a Pakistan link to the case.

Investigation revealed that Bangalore blasts case accused Tadiyantavide Naseer, who is also an accused in the case, had taken the youth initially to Hyderabad where they were prepared ideologically and then sent across the border for weapons training.

The first hits came from Mohd Jaleel, a painter, who had received phone calls from the militants while they were caught in the encounter. He led the cops to Faisal, the man who had taken Mohd Fayaz from his home in September 2008 on the pretext of a job in Bangalore.

Subsequently, it came to light that Faisal was one of the main recruiting agents for Lashkar-e-Toiba and is believed to have taken at least 300 men, mostly from Kannur, to Bangalore and Hyderabad for induction in terror. But the state government claimed that the figures were exaggerated.


Youth Games funds under CAG scanner

With some of the development projects undertaken for the 2008 Pune Commonwealth Youth Games still incomplete, the state government has begun audit of funds for the Games. An audit team of the Comptroller and Auditor General visited PMC and PCMC offices on Monday. The team was in Nagpur a month ago. The funds used by the Pune Municipal Corporation and the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation for infrastructure development are also under the scanner.

The CAG team is looking for any “special funds” received by the civic bodies, officials said. “The auditors took all the information related to the infrastructure work for the projects that were sanctioned for the Commonwealth Youth Games. The details of tender documents and work orders have been furnished to them,” said Vinay Deshpande, officer-on-special duty and in-charge of JNNURM cell.

The Indian Express had highlighted the civic administration’s failure to complete the work for the international event. The paper had also carried a series of news reports about remarks of the auditor on the expenditure. A budget of Rs 422 crore was approved under JNNURM for 40 infrastructure projects for the Games. The civic body, however, spent Rs 342 crore and struggled to complete work till the last minute. Some of the projects remain incomplete while work on five projects could not begin as the authorities failed to acquire land. “The PMC has given information on the status of the incomplete work and made it clear that a few projects could not take off,” he said, adding, it was upto the auditors to study and submit a report on it.


Omar defends 'rehabilitation policy' for Jammu and Kashmir youth who migrated to PoK

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Saturday defended his rehabilitation policy for youths who had crossed to Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) for arms training, and now wish to return back.

The measure was approved by the provincial and the Central Government after consultation with the Army and central security agencies.

"This is not a surrender policy. The surrender policy has been in vogue in the State for many years and we have benefited from it. This is a rehabilitation policy for those who crossed the border for training but don't want to come back with guns," said Abdullah.

According to the policy, youths who had crossed over to Pakistan between 1989 and 2009 would be eligible for the rehabilitation scheme to resume their normal life after proper precautions.

"To plug that illegal way, we have prepared a lawful provision under which they can come back. They will have to go through counselling and we will keep a watch on them," said Abdullah.

The provision is expected to put an end to illegal entry of such persons through Nepal, Bangladesh or from Punjab's Wagah border-post.

As per the guidelines, parents of the youths who traversed the border can approach the Superintendent of Police of their district, certifying that their child wanted to return and be integrated into the mainstream.

The person would then be put up in a camp where he would be imparted vocational training to earn his livelihood.


BOYS BASKETBALL: Major youth movement for Golden Rockets

WELLSTON — Simply put, this year’s Wellston High School boys basketball team is a fountain of youth and a wealth of inexperience. The Golden Rockets return just one senior, sport one freshman, and feature a roster laden with juniors and sophomores but one full of varsity newcomers.

Indeed, it’s going to be a learning year for the young Rockets and 25-year head coach Jim Derrow. “It’s really a young team from a lot of standpoints. A lot of times, you have youth with experience. But this particular group doesn’t have either,” said Derrow. “This is one of the youngest teams I’ve ever coached.” However, such youth and inexperience equals “zero expectations.” And that can be a good thing, said the coach.


Dive squad searches for boy in lake

The police dive squad has been called from Wellington to search for a 16-year-old boy on a youth programme who went missing at a lake on Auckland's North Shore today.

Police said the youth was diving into the lake in Takapuna from a point near Shea Tce about 2.40pm.

He disappeared below the surface and then resurfaced briefly before disappearing again, after which emergency services were called.

Police said the youth went missing in Lake Pupuke, though other media has reported it was in the Quarry Lake, very close to Lake Pupuke.

The dive team is set to continue searching the area tonight provided conditions are safe, police said.

St John Ambulance team manager Glen Taylor said ambulance staff were called 15 minutes later to reports of an injury at the lake.

Mr Taylor said the injured person was taken to North Shore Hospital, adjacent to the lake, with minor back injuries.

He said the two incidents were unrelated.


DA Youth challenges youth festival funding

DA Youth challenges youth festival funding
Nov 30, 2010 1:05 PM | By Sapa
The DA Youth says the World Festival of Youth and Students lacks focus on youth development and the millions spent on it should rather be used to empower youth.


DA Youth chair Mbali Ntuli

"According to our information, Minister in the Presidency Collins Chabane has requested each provincial government to contribute R4 730 000 to the hosting of this festival," said DA spokesman Lebo More.

"As the DA Youth we have distanced ourselves from this youth festival as it lacks focus on youth development… this festival costs millions which could be used to empower young people in provinces."

The festival, organised by the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), is set to take place in Tshwane from December 13 to 21 and is expected to attract 30 000 people.

In a statement last week, NYDA executive chairman Andile Lungisa said the National Treasury had set aside R29-million for the event.

"This is not a music festival or a jamboree as some have opportunistically chosen to label it.

"This is a festival of ideas that provides SA youth and the NYDA with increased international partnerships and networking opportunities with youth development practitioners and leaders from around the world."

More said many young people in Gauteng were not attending school and had no access to skills development or assistance to start businesses because of a lack of funds.

"Amounts such as those requested by minister Chabane from provinces should be channelled to programmes, for example youth wage subsidies and other youth development initiatives, and not on a few days conference that will end up not having benefited young people at large."

The DA Youth urged the Gauteng provincial government and all departments not to honour this "wasteful expenditure as it has no solid benefit to the entire youth community of this province".


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